Thursday, 30 June 2011

1 Month down!!

Well its actually 1 month and 2 days so I am officially back onto solids or real food! Yeh!! I think, anyway.

Today I had my post op check with my surgeon,and an appointment with the dietician-have I told you how cute he is? All good -was very impressed with my weight loss-I don't know about their scale but it said 106.3 kg Woohoo! better than mine has said Oh well will weigh on tomorrow and compare.I am so happy-I am having a few fearful moments about whether this will continue or whether I will self sabotage like I usually do around this time! No that is so not going to happen- it doesn't feel the same-I don't feel deprived and now the exercise begins...
I could have had a fill today,they said but since I had lost well and am not really getting hungry in between meals, they will leave it for now.I have another appointment in 1 month, so we shall see then.

I did have a little hiccough in the week,I scratched one of my little wounds in my sleep and when I woke up it was oozing yuccy stuff-(sorry I am a nurse,though)Must have been just brewing there, anyhow one of the perks of being a practice nurse got an on the job consultation and some antibiotics, so now drying up nicely.

I bought some more pants-just casual chino type ones-they were mega cheap and my arse is drooping in most of my jeans ,still size 20 here,I am definitely not buying anymore until I am a size 18! I work right in the middle of the city centre ,so I often take a walk around the shops at lunchtime- and I have to admit I am truly a shopaholic.My poor husband...

So its Thursday night here, my son is at soccer practice,so I am sitting here doing my favorite thing-catching up with everyone's blogs and of course writing my own.I love everyone's writing style-I feel like my blogs are a little dull but I shall perservere and try and make something exciting happen!!

Not the best photo-but the ones I want I am difficulty loading! Blogging is a steep learning curve- Thanks for your comments xxx

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Last day of rest...

Its Sunday here, and the last day to veg and get organised for the week.
Did I mention I am loving this band!! I went out for dinner last night and had some steamed dumplings, yum,yum. Thats all i had,I know -not so mushy -still on mushies till Tuesday officially-but believe me by the time I had finished chewing them they were definitely mushy. I was full, my friend who I was with had a main meal in the same time that I took to eat them.Now ,this friend is the skinniest person in the world and has a son who has suffered from anorexia, so as you can imagine I didn't really want to tell her about the band , and hadn't until during dinner last night. I thought bugger it,I feel like I am living a lie when I am with her, so I told her and you know what she cried cos she was so happy for me! Wow, She was so interested and supportive, it ended up being a great night and now I just have to find a recipe for those dumplings...

I made a big pot of chili con carne yesterday,and froze it in portions-I am really getting an idea now about how much I can eat, I've just got to maintain focus on healthy eating and getting lots of nutritional value in the food I do eat.I am making salmon patties later and will freeze them for during the week.Its amazing how much you can accomplish when your husband is away!!

I still haven't managed to get photos onto this blog-I did one and since then having issues, I will do a bit more reading up on it today.I will do my measurements and post the results tomorrow,I'll be interested to see the change.I just went and bought some new work pants- I couldn't handle the safety pin holding up my old ones anymore-I am down to a size 20 from a 22 so all good-could fit into the 18's but was a little squishy.Woo Hoo!

Ever since I made the decision to have the band , I have felt a sense of control and purpose and felt like it was the right time of my life to do something for myself.But now ,I realise, that with my moods stabilized and what feels like an inner peace about all this , I can see it impacts on all the family- I think they are enjoying my journey as well.( after that very deep monologue, I will leave it there for now..)

I caught up on everyone's blogs last night- I just love coming in and seeing the number of new posts in my google reader!! This week I have a post op appointment with the Surgeon and with the dietician so looking forward to that!

Ok like I said will try and post some piccy's-it always adds to the interest to see the face of who's blogging, I think. Have a good week everyone, Bye for now...

Friday, 24 June 2011

What a week?!

I have been a bad blogger this week-so this is what its like being back at work normal hours...Ugh I also had to get up and take Emma and Stan to the airport Thursday morning at 5am(yes the volcanic ash cloud lifted just in time) to fly to Canada for a month-Lucky them!! By Thursday night-after i had picked up my son from soccer at 9pm-i was exhausted,aching and definitely over life! Thank goodness I have today off, trying to take it a little easy today-my achey stomah-it felt muscular freaked me out a bit, but is 90% better today,so I'm sure it was due to the long work days-I also have a cough which I'm now on antibiotics for-which certainly didn't help matters.

I am off out to lunch today,one of the people knows of the band and the other doesn't-it really is my first meal out so I am a little nervous ,hopefully there will be some soup or risotto ,something fairly mushy anyway, I will report back as I don't think I will get this finished.

Hi I am back-I had scrambled eggs for lunch,ate half the serve-was probably too much and now I feel queasy-I think thats it today for food for this girl! It seemed a bit of a waste of money,I have to say,but at least the company was good.

I can't believe still how little I have to eat to fill me up!
I know they tightened my hiatus hernia-the surgeon told me it would feel very tight,so I wonder if that adds to the effect of the band.

I have made Friday ,weigh in day and today I was 106.8 kg(24 lbs) down from beginning of preop diet,I was about 112 kg at surgery time,.So all good still going in the right direction .

I don't have too much planned over the weekend, running my son around and catching up on some housework etc, weird without the others,I intend to relax and will be good to spend time doing things I want to do without consulting others.Yeh! will do another update when feeling a little more energy-have a good weekend everyone-Up to 17 followers despite being AWOL this week-So thanks for all the support.

Friday, 17 June 2011

A Quickie..

I thought I would let you know how excited I was to see 15 followers! This is such a great support network and I'm starting to feel the love.

That was an interesting comment Cat, about how little it takes to feel satisfied, and has certainly will make me look differently at my eating, so thanks for that.

I have read nearly all your blogs from the beginning now, fantastic stories and advice, I was thinking the other day how little I would actually know(although my Dr is pretty good) if I didn't have the internet,It has made this road so much smoother.

Now a confession-I had 3 glasses of wine last night-definitely off the wagon, So this is something I need to keep under control and my aim is to have one glass and stop! I have to say though it may me feel really normal and I didn't have any of the nibblies which were also one of my bigger vices. But from now on I do need to focus on this.
I am sorry my camping picture didn't post yesterday,I will try again today,

I also was hugely constipated these last 2 days( aren't you glad you asked-Oh you didn't?)So need to keep an eye on that as well-had a very uncomfortable morning but all good now-My daughter is very happy about that-sick of me moaning etc.Do you all take extra fibre?

Well so much for a quickie-I had better go and do some housework-Yippee!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

Back at Work...

Well I went back to work for 2 days this week,I have to say I was pretty exhausted after the first day and fortuneately could leave early yesterday. I am off today -Fridays I'm off always so think I will make this my weigh in day. So I got on the scale this morning- 107.6 kg (237 Lbs) Yeh- Thats 10.4 kg(23 lbs) off so far-I am counting from when I started my preop diet-'cos dammit that was all willpower!

Anyway, I am loving mushies- wary and chewing heaps,I can't believe how small my portions are and how they fill me up.Yesterday at work someone was leaving and they had a sushi platter- I didn't have any-not sure that its really mushies and didnt want to have any problems in front of co-workers.One of the doctors I work with and who I had only said Hernia repair when asked why I was off(they are all so nosy!!)-Took a look at me as soon as I walked into the room and asked me outright if I had had a lapband- I said yes I have decided I'm not going to lie if people ask me directly-She said I looked like I had lost a lot of weight.So people are noticing already.

My work pants almost fell off me as I was crossing the road-now I have a safety pin holding them up-I just don't want to buy new ones yet-I can see this is going to become expensive- will have to hunt out some second hand stores to tide me over. I kinda want to see if I can get by till I can fit into regular sizes-as the plus size clothing here is so overpriced.

I have to say that I almost feel normal now-only small tweaks of soreness, moving around well and starting to feel really good about the decision to have this done- for a while after surgery,I was very sad over the fact I couldn't just stuff myself anymore-Weird ,how the mind works eh?

Anyway although I didn't take formal before photos, I found this photo of a camping trip we did in March this year-It still shocks me how big I look in it. I did take measurements and will remeasure every month.

My son has his formal tonight(prom) so its been all about him today so far-We are going to the pre drinks party tonight and then have 2 birthday celebrations to go this weekend so it will go quickly- then its only 4 days till Emma -my daughter and Stan-hubby go to Canada- we are hoping the Volcanic ash has cleared by then-we have been having lots of flights cancelled here because of this.

Ok so hope everyone has a great weekend, Bye for now..

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

2 Weeks Down!!

So ,today i went for my 2 week post op check with the nurse. Had my Bp done,which is now normal, wounds checked and given the OK to move onto mushies-or the transition diet. Yeh! Feeling good,a little tired still, but actually looking forward to work tomorrow. Think it will be a long day but just need to get back to some kind of routine.

The only depressing thing about my appointment today was that the nurse had my preop weight from the hospital written down-108 kg when I knew I wasn't that low-more like 112 kg-so when I weighed and it was 109 kg-the nurse assumed I had put on weight-are you kidding me???? I have been on these bloody fluids forever, I was annoyed to say the least-I informed her the hospital scales were crap and she said she would have to check them. So now I feel stressed over the bloody numbers, and I'm telling myself-STOP, you are doing everything right by the book, and what annoys me as well-next time I will weigh in 2 weeks at their other rooms so who knows what that will show,AHHHH

Ok I'm done with my rant for now ,I am planning on some mushy vegies and mince for tea(we called it ground beef in Canada)-almost like a normal person- I will take some thick soup for lunch tomorrow, I know that I have always thrown my lunch down quickly at work and want to work up to full mushies there.
Only 2 people at work know about my band-everyone else thinks I have just had a hernia repair which is true.

I haven't been doing much walking- that will change tomorrow as I have a little walk at both ends of the day to and from the bus,so that is good as well.My gym is on hold for another couple of weeks, so must make myself get going .

Thinking of Jammy Dancer @ as she is being banded today.

I have added a picture of me and my long-suffering hubby..

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Why can't I comment??

Ok everyone I give in ,I need help- I can't seem to comment on people's blogs..

I write my comment in the box-press google account for user profile-it takes me back to my sign in, fill that out and then For some reason keep on having to log in again after the verification words..AHHH!-ok keep calm,

Also having trouble putting my ticker thingo on my blog-I told you I was green at this!

Is it something to do with my settings?

I will endeavour to put more photos on as well-although as some of you can relate-not too many around -hate,hate hate having my photo taken, but surely there are some about.

All else fine, going to visit some friends who do know about the band this afternoon-only 3 more days of fluids, scale not moving but neither am I much so understandable.

Very excited about my 12 followers-have been checking out all your blogs-I think hubby thinks I am constantly on the laptop-but just making the most of it before I go back to work.

Have a great Sunday....

Friday, 10 June 2011

Feeling good..

Well today is a new day and after the best night's sleep ,I feel renewed.

I have just been out and watched my son play soccer and now home for some soup-only 3-4 days till mushies-I can tell my appetite is returning now,but still doesn't take too much to fill me up for a short period. I keep look longingly at every thing that people around me are eating. The foods that I ordered over the internet arrived at 7am this am-lucky DH got up to get the door, so the containers don't look too small, so I am set.

I find that I am colder now -?'cos I have lost some weight or ?am I getting enough nutrients. I was a hot flush girl-(age 47 yrs)so was used to being like a furnace and the flushes seem to have disappeared for the moment.Is that a NSV?

I do have a NSV , My DH says I am not snoring anymore!!! Now I don't know if this is 'cos I'm not drinking or 'cos I've lost weight or a little of both but really who gives a toss,I'll take it!

My jeans are baggy-they are size 22 -not so much around the waist though-still a bit of swelling going on, I think, so now I need to go through the abomination that is my closet and sort out the various sizes. It's been so long since I've been through it, I'm sure there are spiders in there(remember Australia..)so need my DH nearby for the rescue mission ...I have a phobia about spiders in case you hadn't guessed and therefore probably living in the wrong country.

Alright going to get at it ,Hope you all are having a good weekend..

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Missing in action...

Hi I'm back- title is misleading ,no action here.

Last night,just before I went to bed, I felt nauseated- I have avoided a few of my family since having this done ,as they all seem to have colds,flus etc. so why did I bother-slept badly,thinking what if I have to vomit??!!
Anyhow made it through the night ok,have tolerated some fluids this am-just feel wiped out-probably from lying awake worrying !

Suture lines are a bit itchy, but ok-the woes of being a nurse-i check them 5 x a day. The scale is still moving downward- about 9kgs off this am- woohoo!

We have a long weekend starting tomorrow- will have a few outings ,then its Tuesday-2 weeks banded and my post op check-also the start of mushies YEH!-its terrible when you look forward to your chewable multivite just to get that chewing sensation..

I have ordered some band friendly meals from the internet-supposed to be the correct portions etc-just to get a feel for the size I should be having. My DH(who is Canadian) and daughter are going back to Canada for a month starting June 23rd-so my son who is 18 and I will be baching it together-so thought if he wasn't in ,the meals would be easy.
I have to say even though I will miss them both-I'm glad to have a break from raising a gorgeous 13 yr old girl who looks 16+ and wants to do everything that a 16yr old would be allowed to do. Ah,parenting...

My mum has just been over and vaccumed for me-she's very good to me-doesn't quite understand why I have had the surgery-thinks I look too thin already-at 109kg do you mind ?!

Work has rung me a couple of times for various things,I am back there on Wednesday ,I'm quite looking forward to having some normalcy(is that a word?) back in my life.

Was absolutely thrilled and amazed to see all my followers-I have been checking out all your blogs and once again its great to have the support.
Signing off for now.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Nothing really to add..

Well its day 9- a bit cranky last night ,think I over did it a bit yesterday and was a bit frustrated by lack of energy-not to mention ,my family all eating lasagne around me!! I am or was a bit of a pasta queen.

I have my first follower, Thank you Tracey -beyond exciting! It will be good to have the support.

Scale is down 1 kg today -making it 8 kg off -can't believe it. Two years ago ,I did Weight Watchers and stuck to it totally and lost about 3.5 kgs in 2 months-What The? So was concerned that things might also go quite slowly for this as well- I know this will slow down but enjoying watching the scale at the moment.

Ok am going to post this and see if I can work out how to comment..

Monday, 6 June 2011

1 week down!

A week ago today I was in the middle of my surgery, wow can't believe it the time has just flown.-Mainly 'cos I love just lazing around catching up on my shows,blogs and reading.I still have a week off-amazing huh? I know you US bandees seem to go back to work within the first week following,so I do feel like a lazy muffin! Oh well Dr's orders and all...

I'm fairly comfortable now ,occasional gas issues and bloatedness, but all good with my wounds.I am going to drive for the first time today,so getting my independance back.I have to say ,although I'm not hungry at all, I would love to chew something-one more week of fluids and then mushies Yeh!!
I have decided that I will have a glass of wine on the weekend, if all is well-I am a  big wine drinker unfortuneately, so this has been a big lifestyle change so far for me.

Looking forward to being able to exercise again-not for 3 more weeks though-have done a couple of short walks-more for gas relieving purposes than exercise though-aren't you glad you read that!

Anyhow tried to comment on a blog but couldn't do it-I am very new at this so need to work on this-also my blog design-I do love mountains-we used to live in Calgary near the Rockies, so may keep the background. Ok,as i'm waffling on now I will go and relax on the couch...

Saturday, 4 June 2011


Just sitting here,taking ever so small sips of coffee alternating with optifast, can't get over how full I feel after minimal fluids. How will I ever eat again?
Feel good today, was achey yesterday but tried to do a little more so that's probably it.
Going to venture out to the shops today and try and find a little more variety in the fluid line of things-I keep going over everyone's blogs to look for ideas.
I am on fluids till June 14th so can hardly wait.
I have had inner turmoil over who to tell about this phase of my life,  I have told 2 close friends and my immediate family only ,the GP that I work for knows and the nurse that I job share know the full  story.I am usually a really open person, so I feel a bit sneaky keeping this in,Oh well I am sure it will work out.Everyone else thinks I've just had a hernia repair which is true.
Well  I am still a newbie at this blog thing so any tips are welcome,it does feel good to get things down on paper though,
Oh yeah-I almost forgot,the scale has moved today after really not too much-1 kg down so about 6.5 kg down total-will have to try and get a ticker thingo  and decide a weigh in day.-my life is so busy!!-not-I am off work till the 15th June -and dare I say I am bored!! The trouble is I have no energy and feel exhausted everytime I attempt to do anything.
Ok so thats is for today-I will get a before photo and put it on here soon-Stay tune....

Friday, 3 June 2011

I've done it!!!!

Well it's day 5 post lap band surgery, I still can't believe I actually did it.My feelings at the moment are so mixed up- I have no regrets but have to admit i'm in mourning for a decent meal. I'm not hungry but after years of eating to feel good,feel a little lost. I'm on fluids for another 10 days-then mushies for 2 weeks and then real food -very nervous about that-but lets not jump the gun.
But a little about me-I am 47 years old, Weighed in at my highest at about 118kg or 260 lbs. I am a registered nurse and currently working in General Practice-preaching to patients all day about lowering their cholesterol and BP etc.So you can imagine how I feel ,what a hypocrite! My own cholesterol is borderline, BP was high at pre-op consultation. My lower joints are aching and worst of all I have reflux which was so bad ,even on medication would wake me at night.I think I'm kinda lucky I don't have type 2 diabetes so far.My saving grace is I actually like working out and being active.
I also like drinking wine,and eating nibbles and having huge portions at mealtimes so this is why I am in mourning.
I  have 2 teenage children, who are svelte and active and i feel its finally time to do something for myself.My husband is very supportive, although when he was cooking that roast last week for the kids, that probably wasn't the word I was thinking of! I have a wardrobe full of clothes from sizes 18 to 22 and haven't been able to shop in normal size stores for ever-I can't even remember when.
For Christmas last year ,we gave the kids money and took them shopping in Melbourne-(one of Australia's bigger cities)-We had a great 3 days of shopping at the sales and eating out.But you know,underneath it all ,I was sad that once again, i could really only look at handbags and shoes That was really my aha moment when i thought enough is enough. I went to my GP and talked about it , she was so enthusiastic,that I even got the referral that day. It took me a month or two to make the appointment-April 7th and from then it was full steam ahead.I booked everything. Endoscopy on the 20th May showed a large hiatus hernia ,which my Dr said she could also fix  and I was sold!Meanwhile having booked my banding date May 31st I had already started the dreaded pre op optifast. I stuck to this religiously ,well except for 2 occasions-my son turned 18 and I just had to drink a couple of glasses of French Champagne, and then we had a wedding to go to,which I did eat the main meal-it was the best steak everrrrr!  So despite these breakdowns , I lost about 5.5 kg(12 lbs)-I did have an enormous pigout and lots of drinkies the Sunday before for my son's birthday.
I have read 100'sf blogs and have gained so much info from them and love the support you all seem to give each other and thought I would give it a shot.
Anyhow its time to go and drink something , so I'll catch you up later re my surgery day.