Wednesday, 31 August 2011

2nd Fill!!

It has been a disappointing week for me- I have eaten and eaten like I never had a band!! WTF?!

It started with the weekend-too much socializing-read too much wine! again-will I never learn,and then I have just been nibbling non stop-and as you know the band is quite forgiving on the nibbling front. I am absolutely dreading the weigh-in, and as I have just got home from my 2nd fill,I know there is reason too! I lost the grand total of 1kg over the last month according to their scales!! So I had 1cc added, for a total of 5cc in my band-I can feel it,and am going to stick strictly to fluids for 24 hours at least.

Well I am now going to make myself sweat on the treadmill,exercise is the one thing I have done right this week- So will let you know how the dreaded weigh in goes tomorrow-thought about skipping it but no, I have to pay the price of public shame.....

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bandfit Class..

So last night I went to my first class of Bandfit- It's a 6 week program the surgeon who did my band offers, to do with increasing your fitness level and toning the flabby bits.

I arrived at the class-there were 12 of us there(supposed to be 17 ,but a few no shows).after filling out disclaimer forms(that had me worried!!) we all learnt how to take our pulses and recorded our pre course heartrate.It was all fairly basic,but geared to a totally novice exerciser.Then we had to do a 6 minute test on how many laps of a 10 meter area we could do, most walked,I and another girl jogged,and I was stuffed at the end!(I always exercise in the mode-go hard or go home_)We will be doing this agin at the end to compare laps. Then we did a 20 minute aerobic workout to teach us how to get our heartrates up without needing equipment, took our heartrates, did 30 minutes of floor work and stretches. Our homework is to do at least 2 more sessions this week of cardio-heartrate above 60% for at least 20 minutes and stretches following. The exercise physiololgist was really into using our heartrates as guides to monitor our fitness.Anyway it should be interesting-we are doing different things for each of the sessions-I think the next one is using exercise bands,then pilates,upper body workout and then lower body workout. I was happy I got a decent workout,as I had skipped mine in the morning. So all good-I can go early before 2 of the classes to make up the 2 I will miss and she will give me a one on one session.

Didn't get much time to chat to the other ladies,only 1 man, They were all pretty much banded around the same time as me -end of May,beginning of June.Only 1 lady said she had lost 20 kg-impressive and everyone else went quiet, They said they had found the banding more painful than they had thought it would be-which I didnt, but other than that it was full on exercise.
Cece,I know our system is different to yours- My band was covered by private health insurance-there was a gap of about $3000 including anaesthetist's fees,this includes the bandfit course,3 dietician visits,all your fills/unfills and any other consults for other reasons,and also some lifestyle coaching-3 sessions,haven't had that yet,24 hour emergency service,clinic nurse support and some educational material( lapband book )It's called the Circle of Care program (in Australia).

Now to weigh in today-I am now at 101.6 kg so aloss of .6kg for a total of 16.4 kg or 36 pounds ,so all good-I had a big weekend last weekend so I'm sure I lost more than that-to get the excess off as well, I only have 2.5 weeks till I go away, need to get below 100kg by then, so will have to watch the weekend binges.I was thinking the other day, I don't feel like I have lost that much since preop diet, but when I worked it out, I have lost nearly 11 kg(24lbs) since then,so it is working..Why do I have these doubts???

I am about to go on my weekly walk-up to the waterfall that was in the photo last time-this time we are taking a different path and will end up above that waterfall-I feel the ache coming on already!!!

Ok so everyone have a great weekend

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

?Bandfit Class

Tonight I am off to my first bandfit class.This is a 6 week program included in my surgical fee,it is run by physios and exercise physiologists,so should be interesting. Of course,they only let me know 2 days ago,so 2 out of the next 5 Thursday nights are out for me! A bit of notice guys.....
Will report back:)

Friday, 19 August 2011

11 week Weigh in

Today is weigh in day- I am at 102.2 kg,so aloss of .5 kg last week,I will take it..
I love Fridays ,after my weigh in (and if I have lost!)It is my day off to catch up on life-I work out,and also do an hour walk later in the day, so feel good Friday night,ready for the weekend. Today I took my mum out second hand shopping-looking for clothing to tide me over as I shrink, It was a nice day-didn't buy much but had fun looking..

I love the feeling of having 2 more days off-don't have to go to bed early, can have a couple glasses of wine,catch up with friends and read all the blogs I follow.Now if the sun would just come out....
Have a good weekend everyone:)
Thought I would add a photo of my friend Karen who walks with me every Friday,and this is where we walk

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Just because...

I don't really have anything to say today but I thought I would blog anyway. Very little has been happening this week.i have been pretty good with the eating, but although I haven't weighed at home,I did jump on the scales at work, and there wasn't any change, so my weigh in day is tomorrow-so just preparing myself...

It's funny,how you kinda get used to being at your new weight, and then you get anxious when you're not losing, that this is it.( I'm talking about me ,of course!)I feel like I've been plateuing lately,not sure if I really am,or I'm just not as focussed as I was.I know ,my gym work is going well and during the day I eat well, but the evenings are still a battle-I can't get over how snug my little band feels till about 5pm and then seems to loosen up -or is it just my resolve??!!

I am going to focus on all the positives so far,
1. Everything in my wardrobe fits-how easy is that,to get dressed in the am.
2. Going on a plane in 3 weeks-no worries about the seatbelt this time.
3. I feel good,energetic, skin is good if a little wrinkly in places-love that cos it means I'm losing!
4. Going down in measurements-will put them in at the end of this post.
5. Husband seems keener-or am I more receptive??!!
6. Grocery bill is down-Did I really eat an extra $60 fortnight of food?
Date: 22/5/11 26/6/11 4/8/11 18/8/11
Neck 42.5cm 42cm 41cm 40cm
Chest 122cm 117cm 115cm 113cm
Waist 120cm 110cm 107cm 105cm
Hips 132cm 128cm 124cm 122cm
Thigh 71cm 69cm 69cm 67cm
Calf 47cm 45cm 45cm 45cm
Upper 45cm 42cm 41cm 40cm

Ok well, Im slowly shrinking-yeh me!Hope you are all having a good week-Will post tomorrow after the weigh in:)

Thursday, 11 August 2011


Today is weigh in day- and it was good! 102.7 kg today despite 3 glasses of wine last night and a little larger serving of green chicken curry.(I am thinking maybe a little too salty for night before weigh in!) I have mostly been good this week-gym 3x so far,during the day ,I can surely feel the effect of my fill last week, the evenings I am still off track a bit,still feel nibbly and roaming for snacky stuff.So a work in progress ,I have another fill booked in 3 weeks ,we shall see how I am then. I am on track for my goal of sub 100kg by September 13th-when I am going on a week trip to meet my girlfriend in Sydney-so shopping and relaxing!!OOH I'm excited just typing it!

Now I know you're thinking "What's her NSV?" Well today, I went shopping-mainly to look and dream-and I tried on a size 18 jeans in the NORMAL people sizes area and ta da THEY FIT!!So of course I had to buy them,as the jeans I am wearing now are sagging badly. It has been about 14 years since I could fit into anything in a regular store-so this is a major goal for me.I am not going near the shops now until Sydney-unless it's a second hand shop, of course.

I have been reading all your blogs-just don't seem to have time to blog and read-might have to change it round and blog first. It is still winter here, looking forward to the warmer weather,and showing off a bit off wrinkly skin-yep it's starting to happen-I have operation arms going on at the gym at the moment-doing lots of tricep dips for the old batwings-think Oprah's arms-mine are looking similar. I also do about 40 minutes on the treadmill alternating jogging and walking ,so starting to feel a little fitter.

I have just tried to take a photo of me and my new jeans -but to no avail-will have to wait for someone to come home and help me out.

BOOBS must be coming up soon for you U.S.A girls ,wow, I'm sure it will be a great time. I haven't really met too many peolpe with bands here-The support group that is once every 2 months is about an hour away and always in the evenings-I actually don't feel a real need to go there yet, I think blogging has given me some great support-and I feel like I'm starting to know you.

Alright must go and do all that housework,blah,blah,blah that awaits me on my day off...

Friday, 5 August 2011

First Fill!!

It is weigh in day today! Last week I weighed in at 103.6 kg, today I am up 100gm to 103.7 kg. It hasn't been a great week eating wise(also drinking wise) but I have been to the gym 3 x and worked out at home twice, so I will take the gain and know that next week I will lose that and more...

I have been very hungry this week-I think its a combination of upping the physical activity and needing a fill-I felt like I was in bandster hell most evenings and have been nibbling quite a bit before and after meals!!
So luckily today was my appointment and I got my first fill.My surgeon weighed me and the scale there said I had lost about 2 kilos in the last month-I was wearing heavy jeans and boots etc. As soon as I said I was hungry and struggling the last couple of weeks,she said definitely fill time.So I have a 12cc band and got 4cc's today. She had to manouvre a bit to find the centre of the port, but I could feel restriction as soon as she injected the water, So all good,I drank some water and off I went.And have not been hungry since so Yeh!!!I was told I should probably do fluids for next 24 hours, but it was up to me really and how I feel.

I have done a treadmill workout and an hours bush walk today so am feeling good. I met up with a friend for coffee,who hasn't seen me since banding but knows about it and she was very excited for me.She also has weight issues and is doing Weight Watchers and has lost about 7 kgs so looked well and happy.I am meeting her in Sydney in 6 weeks for a girls' week of shopping etc so we both set goals to reach by then. I definitely want to be under 100 kgs by then-that is about 4 kilos to lose-very doable ,I think.

I'm sorry Ronnie,I know I chickened out of putting my weight on the last post-it was 105kg there its all out in the open!!!

Last night I had my book club,so nibbles and drinks ,(which didn't help the weigh in today!!)2 people out of the 6 people knew about the band,one of the woman who didn't said,so tell us about your diet plan-as they watched me inhaling wine and soft cheese,I took about 10 seconds,thought about Lapband Gal's post and told everyone else.Well that stopped those chatty girls for a bit. Anyway it was a relief and easier to do than I thought, so yeh me!

Well I'm going to go and read all your blogs, you are a very inspiring lot-I always feel more motivated after reading them. Hope your weekend is relaxing-I have my daughter's soccer at 0740 tomorrow am-WTF!!!!
So definitely quiet night in tonight..Bye for now:)
This is a picture of me after my treadmill workout today-note the saggy face!!Age and weight loss-not a good combo!

Monday, 1 August 2011

Back at the gym!!

I finally think Iam back at the gym in my head-sounds weird,but I used to really enjoy going to the gym,but since my banding have had a really hard time getting motivated- I have been going once a week, but have had twinges of soreness in my port region which has put me off doing things I like to do at the gym-like cardio stuff. But after going Friday, walking on the weekend and to the gym at 0630 this am, I feel like I'm really enjoying it again.

Saying that, my weekend for eating and drinking was not so good. Went to a great dinner on Saturday night-apart from too much wine, didn't eat too badly.
But then came Sunday with a little bit of a hangover-and of course you always feed a hangover-where's my band when I need it????!!!
I went to bed quite uncomfortable-but at no time did I feel any restriction whatsoever! In retrospect,it was probably nowhere near as bad as pre band binging. But silly me got on the scale this am, and it was not good-I'm not going to report the number, cos its not the right day-so there!!!

Anyway, I'm not too down about it all, Friday I have an appointment-?my first fill-I do feel like I need it-I am tired of restraining myself from overeating and remember the first month when I had good restriction(from swelling,no doubt)and didn't think about food non stop.

I went and bought a new top to wear Saturday night and it was a clingy fabric-its amazing how confident I felt wearing it, Imagine how it will feel when I have lost 50% of my weight if it feels so good now!!Just got to keep focussed and remember that....

Ok must go, but hope you all have a good week-Oh by the way,loved reading about all those different flavors of icecream that you all have in the States,you girls have got willpower!!!! :)