Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hi I'm back- after 2 weeks of absence, I'm not sure why, but i just couldn't bring myself to blog.
I have missed blogging the last 2 weigh ins ,so I will bear the shame and tell you, I lost 100 gms last week,ok its a loss, and nothing at all this week! So I remain at 99 kg-19 kg down-I'm glad its not a gain, I'm not sure why I didnt lose this week, but perhaps next week will tell.

Last week was just busy with work, I have kept my workouts up, my eating is still a bit snacky in the evenings,but under control. I have had had lots of hayfever the last 2 weeks, and have felt quite tight at times-I had that .5mls fill 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure I like the feeling much and a few sliders have been eaten, so we'll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.
This week, 2 of my friends have had traumas-one marriage breakup and one a death in the family, so I've been out nearly all evenings offering support. Have had 3 alcohol free evenings, so don't think the wine was the cause of the no weight gain.

Exercise is going well, did a 90 minute bikeride Sunday, walked for an hour Monday night, Gym wednesday am and treadmill and bike workout yesterday. Walking this afternoon.Trying to change it up a bit with the exercise as the Exercise physiologist who took our bandfit class stressed,that doing the same thing over and over again causes the body to plateau,so working on that.

I think I've been complacent-I feel so good from the amount of weight I,ve lost ,that I tend to lose the focus. I have done this before, I still have 24 kg to go, so I need to keep telling myself that, and think how good I will feel then!!

I've been a bit slack at reading blogs as well, so think I will concentrate on that,this afternoon after my walk-it has just started to pour with rain, so go away rain!!!

Ok now I will not disappear again, even if its just a few sentences, I will let you know I'm still alive . Have a good Friday...

Monday, 17 October 2011

Back at it!

Monday night here, just a quickie to write that I'm back on the horse- well at the gym anyway!!

Yesterday , was a little stressful, more issues with no. 1 son,and instead of staying at home ranting and raving, I went for a 8 km hike! What a stress reliever and it defused the situation,so I was quite rational when I got home!! Today I hit the gym this morning at 0630 and have felt great since...

I have felt more restriction since my small fill last week, evenings are still an issue, I just need to go over my bandster rules and focus on them a little more.

Hope you all have a good week and will catch up later in the week:)

Thursday, 13 October 2011

3rd Fill and Weigh in...

Yesterday I had my 3rd fill. I had lost 3.5 kg on their scale over the last 5 weeks, so I was happy with that. The doc put in .5 ml just to tweak it a little- I have been quite hungry in the evenings and feel like I can eat large amounts of food at times.So fluids till later today..

I have had a sinus infection this week and haven't exercised for 3 days-can't believe how edgy that makes me feel-who is this person??

So to the weigh in , Last week I had gained 1.8 kg,This week I lost 1.9 kg- I am at 99.1 kg now-so 18.9 kg down , I can't get over what a head battle this is...

It is pouring with rain this am and I am lying in bed with my iPad ,it has been a long week at work-have worked 9-10 hours everyday , and with not feeling the best , think I deserve to veg out for a bit, I just got up to make a coffee and saw the total mess of a house I am living in, Oh well housework will wait an hour or so...

Must catch up with my reading of blogs etc Have a good Friday everyone:)

Saturday, 8 October 2011

New week...

I am sitting here in the sun on Sunday afternoon, My head is in a much better place now, I feel like it's not all spiraling out of control like I did last week. Then reading blogs today, I realize I am not the only one.
Yesterday I worked out and went for a long walk, today I am about to go and work out. Still working on the snacking, but trying to make better choices.I am quite hungry at the moment-Band where are you? I just need to get it together ,and I'm scheduled for a fill on Thursday.
Back to work tomorrow,which will help immensely ,I'm too busy at work to even think about food, and can get back into my gym routine.
Even though it's not close to weighing day,I just needed to check the scale today and have lost .8kg so far of the weight I had put on,so that's motivating.

Last week, I bought myself an IPad so I've been having loads of fun mucking about with it, and it's way easier to keep up with all your blogs. I have turned my worked verification off, cos I have read it has been causing some issues.

South Africa and Australia are about to play in the rugby quarter finals, Go Aussies, I have lots of South Afriacn friends here who are very bad gloaters so let's hope we win!

Hope everyone has had a relaxing weekend :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

Weigh In day-UGH!!

It has not been a good week-I don't really know why,I have been in a real funk and having trouble getting out of it. I have been on annual leave,so work is not an excuse. The kids are home on holidays and my oldest who is doing year 12 here(the last year of high school here) and has only got 3 more weeks till exams is driving me insane with the fact that I dont think he's studying enough. He is 18 years old and can legally drink etc and has been doing plenty of partying and late nights and although he is aware of the fact ,i'm not happy,I am trying not to turn it into a nagfest cos I think that that makes it all worse. So there it is, I wish I hadn't taken holidays this week, I have been stress eating and drinking and although I have done all my exercise, it was not pretty on the scale this am. I am back over the 100kg to 101 kg-a gain of 1.8 kg in a week!!!WTF! So I was going to skip my blog this week until I got myself under control but thought I need your support more than the thought of the embarrassment of the gain.. I am truly having a menopausal week,me thinks. I am also hungry(I think I am anyway)-I have a fill booked for next week-so should be a better week. I have done my bushwalk today-photo here of a strange encounter,
We never see koalas on the ground so I think its got to be good luck,don't you? I have been loving all the BOOBs reports and photos-I wonder if I could talk my husband into paying for me to go next year..... It will be a fairly quiet weekend for us ,so next time I blog I will be back on track, Have a good weekend everyone-I feel better all ready!!:)

Saturday, 1 October 2011

Daylight Savings-Yeh!!!!

Well today is the first day of daylight savings here, I have been hanging out for this- it means I can exercise or walk at least in the evenings after work!It also means summer is on it's way. It also means we lost an hour last night, which is making today go very quickly. We are off to a BBQ this afternoon at a friends so more temptations mainly in the form of wine for me! Being aware of that can only help and I will stay focussed. I can't get over how quiet it is in blogland with all the BOOBS happening! It makes it easy to finally catch up on my blog reading, that's for sure.I hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday:)