Thursday, 12 January 2012

More information...

Just thought I would add some more info re my new bike, it is an Avanti bike, model is Circa 1, I believe this is an Australian/New Zealand company. Instead of getting a straightforward road bike, I got a cyclocross bike which is higher at the front end(good for people with shitbad backs)The tires are thicker than a road bike,I am swapping these out to get a little thinner ones, but if you google the sport cyclocross ,you will see its a cross between mountain biking and road racing.So the bike is durable and will suit different purposes.
Now I will stop boring you all about the bike-but believe me there were people who wanted more info!!
I could ramble on about it all day, but won't.....this time.

I weighed in today at 98.3 kg-.6kg down from my gain over the festive season, my lowest before then was 96.9 kg-so at least heading in the right direction again, Phew!!

My back spasmed again this am,so off I went finally to the Dr, nurses are the worst at getting things checked out,I am having an xray tomorrow- then off for some intensive physio,just when I thought I was making some progress..

We have the Tour Down Under bike race starting here next week, we always go and watch a stage or 2 , so looking forward to that. So have a good weekend everyone, I am still catching up on my reading of blogs, so apologies for the lack of comments etc.:)

New Bike!!

Today I bought a new bike, of course there is no instant gratification in this as it will take to next week to get it and have it set up to my specifications , but just thought you should all know!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hi I'm back-its been a long blogging disappearance, I always wonder when people have a hiatus, are they in a bad place or just busy??!! Well, a little of both here, have been in a bit of a funk, and have not done well over the festive season with my weight.

We went camping down the beach for 8 days, after Christmas.It ended up as a bit of a disappointment, I always enjoy camping, but this time we were in a campground that was heaving with people, and if its one thing I detest is listening to people who don't belong to me snoring and farting 1 meter away under canvas! Am I getting old?? The weather was hot,which was ok, but it was very dry and dusty and I have to say it was the best bath I have ever had when I got back.
We went with friends and needless to say, there was quite a bit of drinking and eating going on. On day 2 I did my back again(probably reaching down to get a wine out of the cooler!!), so then there wasn't much activity either- so the damage is 2 kilos!! I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to lose those 2 kilos....

I am back to work now, my back is still pissing , annoying me ,so haven't done too much exercise as well. I am going to slowly start tomorrow,and because I find moderation in anything hard it seems,will have to concentrate hard not too overdo it.

It is summer holidays for the kids here,so mine are laying around,beaching it and generally doing absolutely nothing around the house,which may get a little tedious to watch, but no more complaining from me!!

OK the plan-I have a fill booked in early February
Catch up on reading of blogs
Start slowly exercising
Drink heaps of water
Stop snacking
Buy a new bike-Teehee, I think I will do that one tomorrow-will keep you posted
Stop being a grumpy old lady
Thinking about an optifast week,to kickstart the weightloss
Do not buy a case of that yummy sauvignon blanc even if the devil tells me to do it!!

Ok so its good to have a plan, I feel better already, I am aware, that to be truly successful, I should be more specific in my goals, and I will do that over the next week.

Happy New Year to you all,and lets make this one a great one:)

A picture of the beach we were at constantly for 8 days!!