Thursday, 12 January 2012

More information...

Just thought I would add some more info re my new bike, it is an Avanti bike, model is Circa 1, I believe this is an Australian/New Zealand company. Instead of getting a straightforward road bike, I got a cyclocross bike which is higher at the front end(good for people with shitbad backs)The tires are thicker than a road bike,I am swapping these out to get a little thinner ones, but if you google the sport cyclocross ,you will see its a cross between mountain biking and road racing.So the bike is durable and will suit different purposes.
Now I will stop boring you all about the bike-but believe me there were people who wanted more info!!
I could ramble on about it all day, but won't.....this time.

I weighed in today at 98.3 kg-.6kg down from my gain over the festive season, my lowest before then was 96.9 kg-so at least heading in the right direction again, Phew!!

My back spasmed again this am,so off I went finally to the Dr, nurses are the worst at getting things checked out,I am having an xray tomorrow- then off for some intensive physio,just when I thought I was making some progress..

We have the Tour Down Under bike race starting here next week, we always go and watch a stage or 2 , so looking forward to that. So have a good weekend everyone, I am still catching up on my reading of blogs, so apologies for the lack of comments etc.:)


  1. The bike looks very nice........can you tell I understood nothing of the bike lingo you had in your post? :p

    Glad to hear your scales are in the right direction again :o)

  2. Talking about bikes is never boring! Love cross as a sport! Tour Down Under! Lucky! One of my dreams is to be able to go to the Tour or any tour for that matter. That sux that your back is misbehaving..back pain is no fun!

  3. Wow! U just made me feel like going for a ride! Or is it just the "Tour down under" that brings out all that spandex enthusiasm ; P