Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Playing Catch up!!

I just thought I would do a quick post to let everyone know I'm alive ...
Life has got a little busy right now, between work and family and friends having crisis, I feel I'm in a total spin.
I did weigh on Friday and lost 300 gms-hey it's a loss, I feel I have lost control of my life somewhat at present so am grateful for the loss.
I did a 50 km ride on Sunday-was great,loving the biking right now,which is good because, it looks like I may have a stress fracture in one of my feet,so haven't been to the gym or walking and feeling yuk because of it.

I have just finished all the blog entries-not a lot of commenting as I was speed reading, it's like a burden has been lifted off my back- it will be easier to keep up now!
We have about 5 Christmas functions coming up over the next 2 weeks, so I need to keep my head in the right space- I'm trying to work out how to get out of some of them- I just wanna stay home!-that was said in a whiny voice...

Just finishing cooking tea, so must feed the masses, Have a good week everyone:)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I am alive!!

I cant believe how long it has been since I blogged! Or read blogs-I have 140 entries to catch up on-I think its doable don't you?
Last week,I was away for work and it was full on,and when I got to my hotel room -I swear I was going to catch up on my blogs-I fell asleep -so much for enjoying the peace and quiet of being by myself....

I then had my nephew's 2 year old birthday party to help with and then it was back to work again-and now finally I have 3 days off-Thank goodness!!

This afternoon I had my 4th fill -.5ml in for a total of 6mls. I have only lost 1.5 kg since he last saw me, but 3cm around my waist and bum. I have been struggling with my eating-larger portions,heaps of snacking, lots of wine-and I fessed this all up to my doc-like the good little people pleaser I am. He said I was probably being too hard on myself,as I had still lost weight- He told me I was a "Medical Success"- and even though I have a long way to go, I have decided to believe him..-I even got offered a job as his practice nurse-nothing like a bit of a morale booster:)

I have had a bit of stress,it always seems like everything happens at once,or is it just how you percieve it? A good friend who is my age 48 yrs-had a stroke last week, although she is at home,she is not back to normal-It turns out she had a small bleed in her brain around the sensory area and although she can move everything,half her body is still either numb or pins and needles feeling.She is a trim athletic woman who has never had high BP or high cholesterol so it has been a shock to all of us.
Work is a little stressful-too many projects,too little time, need to really work full time but I know if I go in 5 days I will be working 45+ hours,and won't have time for my life:)

So all things to think about,my son survived "schoolies" here, a bit rundown when he got home, but now hopefully he will get a job until he needs to decide about University.

I am doing another organised ride on the weekend- a 35 km beach ride,looking forward to that,last year I did the 15km introductory ride,next year will do the 50 km hill ride.It's a girls only ride-so good fun and not at all intimidating.

Ok so I have weigh in ,in the am-I am on fluids tonight so just maybe there may be movement(of the scale kind ,anyhow!) Will catch you tomorrow-Have a good Friday everyone:)
Here's a photo of me and the kiddies-Lucas is wearing some clothes,by the way!!!

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I did It!!!!!!

What did I do?- Ever since I have started riding last year, there has been a ride ,that I have been too scared to attempt- It starts with an 8km big hill! Well today, with the persuasion of a girlfriend, I did it, not fast but didn't have any breaks -55 minutes of going uphill...
I am well impressed with myself, there's no way I could have done this carrying another almost 20kg.

I have today off as I am going on a work trip to Melbourne tomorrow for 2 days- My business manager and I have won a grant to work with adult immunisations with migrants(ps don't tell anyone,is being announced tomorrow at a big GP conference) We are very excited, we get to go and be awarded the grant and then do ourselves some shopping and wining and dining.WooHoo!! Only negative is we are going at 6am ,so that means on the road at 4.30 am.Ugh!!

I am glad I am going-it will take my mind off the fact,that my son is going to "Schoolies"It is a three day festival of drinking and debauchery to mark the end of his High school years, There will be 3 thousand kids there-that poor little town...I know he will be alright but a mother can't help but worry...:)

I weighed today since I am away tomorrow-98.3 kg-a loss of 300 gms-its a slow road but at least I'm going in the right direction. I must measure again-I have had a lot of people comment on weight loss over the last few weeks- I think I must be toning up.

Well I better go and get packed ,I'm a little behind on my reading of blogs,but I will catch up ,I am taking my ipad with me so its a possibility.Have a good weekend everyone, Catch up next week......

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Camping Weekend:)

Quick blog to say there has been no movement in the scale for me this week,I thought there might be but no, so ok onwards...
We are going camping in 2 hours, so must go get packing,I love to camp, specially near the beach, so good times are about to happen, will get lots of walking in,so all good.

Will take some photos and catch up on sunday-have a good weekend:)

Saturday, 5 November 2011

Amy's Ride..

Today my hubby I did Amy's ride-it is a bike to bring awareness to Amy Gillett who was training with a group of cyclists in Europe, when a car hit 5 or 6 riders and Amy was killed. They close one of our freeways and there are varying distances you can do. Stan and I thought we would do the shortest distance-25 km and then ride the 25km back to the car. The first 25km was fairly cruisy but I have to say the last 10 km of the return trip was a killer! I knew there were too many downhills on the way , but we finished and I am absolutely tired out-not one bit left in the tank!! It was the first time Stan and I had done an organised ride together-he's a mountain biker and scoffs at lycra wearing bikers, it was so much fun and we have decided we will do more together-he won't wear the lycra though, oh well i'm not sure I want him too!!

So for the first ride ever, I bought the bike top and wore it- a few rolls were showing but there were definitely worse off people than me there! So a true NSV for me today.Of course I took a photo and will post it here.Also one of Stan back at our house after the ride....


I didn't weigh on Friday as I had to work and went to the gym at 0630 and was dressed for the gym before I even thought about it being Friday.So saturday I weighed- and shock , I was 400 gm down to 98.6 kg, its a slow road but I was very happy with that, as I haven't been great with my eating and any loss is good at this point:)

So, I can't believe how quickly the weekend goes when you work fulltime-Yuk! Next weekend ,we are going to the beach,camping for 2 nights for a friends 50th birthday, should be fun, and i loooovvve to walk on the beach, so should get my exercise as well,also 2 of the girls are runners, so may have to join in with that!

We have had alot of stress at work ,this last week and I am shit with stress, eat more,drink more (I also exercise more,thank goodness!) So I'm psyching myself up, to not get involved and to react differently, and just think-3.5 days and its my weekend....We'll see how that goes.

So Hope everyone had a good weekend-and will catch up on my blog reading later tonight

Wednesday, 2 November 2011


2 things just happened to me!! I came home from work feeling verrrrrry stressed(undervalued by my boss) and thought I would have a quick scan of google reader- and there he was ,thanks to Cat,Jude Law and I lusted loved seeing him,it made me actually relax-I also have a glass of wine,but I'm sure it was Jude!!

Then I went to Robins Nest page and she had nominated me for an award ,my hubby is laughing cos I'm soooo excited-I didn't mention Jude at all...

So now I need to work out what to do with an award!

Definitely a better day for me-not so much workwise, but had a great gym session this morning at 0630 and then the day always feels better.

Versatile: ver-sa-tile [vur-suh-tl] or, especially British, [vur-suh-tahyl]: capable of, or adapted for, turning easily from one to another various tasks, fields of endeavor, etc.: a versatile writer.

Word information source: www.dictionary.com

Here is how the award works:

1. You thank the person who presented you with the award.

2. You tell 7 things about yourself.

3. You award 15 other newly discovered bloggers.

So I would like to thank Robin from Robyn's Nest,I think I've already mentioned how excited and grateful I am!!!

7 things about myself
1.I was born and grew up in Australia- but spent 13 years in Canada where I intially met my husband and we have been back in Australia for 14 years now.

2.I am a nurse- I have worked in ICU, Theatre and I'm currently a Practice Nurse ,working in General Practice.

3.i have 2 teenage kids-Lucas has just finished high school and Emma is 13 years and a little temperamental to say the least.

4.Nearly 3 years ago,my dad was diagnosed with Leukemia,and my mum and I nursed him at home for 5 months until he passed away,and it changed my life...

5.I am post menopausal,and cranky at times-I love being in my high 40's and saying what I feel! Finally..

6.I have always had a weight problem-I lost all my weight 18 years ago with Nutrisystem-like Jenny Craig, and it slowly crept back on over 4 years until I was even heavier than before.

7.I love wine-I keep it in check but need to be ever vigilant about it,and make myself have at least 3 wine free days a week and limit myself to 2-3 glasses on other days.

The other bloggers I would like to nominate are

Cos I admire her ,with her 2 young children, getting the job done!!

Cos I love reading about her mountain biking,and she looks great.

Cos we are of similar age ,and I can so relate to what she blogs

4.Jammy Dancer - http://newtlesandwingdings.blogspot.com/
Cos I want to walk on the Brooklyn Bridge!!

Always interesting,another place I would love to visit...

6.Robin Wine Girl-http://robinwinegirl.blogspot.com/
Not banded yet,but well on the way.

Looking forward to hearing about "toughmudder"

I like to read about inappropriate things your band makes you say..

There are others ,but since this is the longest post ever, I will have to leave you...

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Getting it together!!!

I have been plateauing bigtime over the last 3 weeks and I have no one to blame but myself.
I have been snacking and drinking while eating, not taking my vitamins an generally not taking care of myself . The only good thing I have done is exercise.

Before I had my band ,this is how I was, except cos my portions were bigger I was piling on the weight.with the band,I have managed to hold my own in weight- but feel no motivation right now- how come I can stick to a fluid diet for weeks but can't seem to walk into my house without hitting the cupboards to graze??

So now, I'm going to get focussed,firstly vitamins-they are there,just eat them.Secondly -water drink it but not after I have eaten! Lose the snacking and if it's too hard ,lose the foods that are causing me to snack.

My son had his final exam today for high school, so is all done- I am relieved, I am over worrying about his study ( or lack of)we are out to dinner to celebrate tonight so will be good to relax.I have had a bit of work stress lately, so with these things and friends traumas( like a true nurse, everyone comes to me) I think that it has played a part in this lack of motivation.

I have kept up with all your blogs-I love reading them ,more than writing but I think it is beneficial to write how you're feeling.

I am going on a 50 km bike ride on Sunday so looking forward to that-for the first time I even bought the ride top so will post a photo after Sunday.

Ok must go so will let you know how I am doing tomorrow!!(must be more accountable)