Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Camping Holiday

Today we are off camping for a week to a beachside town about 3 hours from here. We will be gone for 8 days,I think this is the longest stretch I have camped for!

I haven' t been very good over Christmas with my eating and drinking ,so a change of scenery will be good. I usually lose some weight camping, as you are constantly moving,also taking the bike so should get some good rides in.Speaking of which, I got back on the bike and did a 45 minute ride-the first since I did my back and it was great.

Christmas day was exhausting, even though there were no meals here, I didn't get much chance to relax at my sister in laws and we had to visit 2 other families ,I flopped into bed exhausted at 10 pm!

I got some nice presents- books ,iPhone accessories - my husband and I bought a little BBQ to take camping and a new bike is in my future, haven't had a chance to look around yet.

My word for 2012 is Challenge- this year ,I want to do things that are out of my comfort zone, I want to push myself more with exercise and of course I want to drop this last 21 kg! So lots to work on...

I hope everyone has a great new year and I will check in on my return:)

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Christmas Day !!

Merry Christmas everyone-we are 23 minutes into Christmas day, and I have just finished wrapping after having people to dinner. So this will be short and sweet, as we all know Santa won't leave me a pressie until I'm fast asleep....

Weight is holding steady, but have been snacking a lot today, so won't be going near the scale for a few days. My back is slowly getting better- not too much exercise happening but I am feeling more upbeat about it all now.

Probably won't get to post for a couple of days, so hope everyone has a great Christmas :)

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Back pain!!

So last Sunday, I was on the toilet,I know too much information!!-Any hoozle, when I stood up, I must have bent weirdly cos I had this explosion of pain in my low back and then couldn't move-my poor husband had to pull my pants up!!
Now as the day went on and with the help of drugs I could get around,but very stiffly.I should have taken the week off work but didn't as I was going on holidays today and needed to get things organised for the 2 weeks I am off.So needless to say,this week has been struggletown for me, can't exercise,can't ride-feel like a grumpy chronic pain person.It is getting better but not quick enough for me, and I feel flabby and fat( although the scales haven't changed) I am starting to eat badly now,its like a big cycle you get caught in.

I know this is the sadsack post, I will be better tomorrow,after I get the christmas grocery shopping done,hopefully with the help of one at least of my teenagers-who are striking me as the laziest people on the earth this week!(see I am grumpy)

so tomorrow I am going to attempt some light exercise, cos otherwise I will go bananas...

I had an appointment for a fill today, I went, but told them I didn't want one,feel like I have good restriction at present,made an appointment for 6 weeks time.I had lost 2 kilos over the last 4 weeks, so all good there.

Alright,I am going to take my miserable body off to bed, and look forward to a new day:(

Thursday, 15 December 2011

Weigh in...

Just a quickie to post my weight- 96.9 kg today-so a loss of .8kg, Woohoo!!! 21.1 kg down,21.9 till my goal of 75kg. 6 months in and halfway -well nearly, go me..

I have just got home from Christmas shopping,and no I didn't finish,I'm a lot closer but still a few of my friends to get something for-I have tried to cut out this giftgiving but I have been vetoed by the rest of them, so oh well.....

I am feeling a little tighter than I am use to, have just had a yoghurt and am totally full, I'll see how it goes-I am out to dinner tonight with my bookclub girls who all know about the band,so no sweat if I can't get too much down. I have an appointment booked on the 22nd December-definitely won't need a fill,was going to cancel but then as I'm feeling so tight ,will give it a couple more days.I love not being interested in food,though.

Anyway just raving on now-I must tell you though,last night Stan(hubby) handed me a whole lot of papers and said take a look at these, they were all info re different ladies road bikes, I have been riding a hybrid and have felt it was time to upgrade. I won't do anything before Christmas,too rushed and can't concentrate ,with all the Christmas prep going on, But when I looked up into the hills today,I could just picture myself on a sleek lightweight road bike :)
Just in case you forgot what I looked like- my daughter thinks I'm obsessed with my webcam and she may be right!!!

? Sweet spot!

Hello all, Let me tell you about my week.
.Friday weigh last week-Same-no change,ok can live with this, too much festive season....
.Friday -out to Stan's christmas lunch and my christmas dinner-dropped my workout bag at the gym and in between did a treadmill and weight workout-Go me!! but I have never been so full as after that dessert I ate at Stan's lunch,needless to say ,I was very good at dinner!
.Saturday afternoon-out to a 40th BBQ-a few wines, and 1 chicken skewer
.Saturday evening-a friend's son's 18th-1 more wine and a few nibbles
.Sunday morning-early, bike ride for charity ended up being close to 70 km-4 hours of solid peddling.OMG,not as much of an athlete as everyone kept telling me!!! 20 km from the finish, wanted to curl up and have a good cry but then how was I going to get back to the car,Stan was so good,just left me alone for a while and then I passed over the hump and it felt ok for the last 15ish kms.There was a huge headwind during my tantrum period,I have discovered that seems to be the trigger for my dummyspits!
.Monday work 10 hours-the last hour felt incredibly nauseated and went home straight to bed at 6pm feeling fluey and totally yuk!
.Tuesday -sick day,slept most of it away,feeling better at end
.Wednesday-worked,still tired,can't eat much
.Thursday-worked till 1pm ,then Christmas shopping, ,feel like I haven't touched the surface of the shopping-these days I don't love the shopping, I just feel stressed at all the money going out-I am getting old!
So that's where I'm at, tomorrow I am off ,and I want to finish this bloody shopping,so I can concentrate on food next week-i mean,like things I have to cook for Christmas day. We are off camping for a week from the 28th December-and of course,the stores are all closed in Adelaide over Christmas until then, so I will have to be organized beforehand! Not a strong point of mine:)
So weigh in tomorrow- I feel thinner, but maybe only by .5-1 kg-you would think after the week of sickness that I would be svelte....

I have another Christmas dinner tomorrow night,now to explain the title-Sweet spot-just maybe I might be there, I can only eat a very small amount and I feel full-now I haven't really felt that since I was first banded, I'm sure it's probably irritation from the nauseated days but I'm taking it and have to say loving it!!!

I will report in after the shopping day from hell-woops,I wasn't going to be quite so negative...Have a good Friday :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Festive Season!!

Here it is Thursday, and I haven't blogged for a whole week. I didn't even do my weigh in entry,which was ok, believe it or not another 300gm-taking me to 97.7 kg, as long as it keeps going down, it took me a long time to gain this weight, so don't mind the slow pace especially at this time of year.

I did 2 things for the first time on Monday-Firstly I rode my bike to work-its about 13 km into the city, it took me about 40 minutes, I went straight to the gym,thinking I would just shower and go to work, but had a few spare minutes and did my arm weight workout.Now I have been saying to those around me for years,one day I'm going to ride to work, so this was a big breakthrough. It is mostly a gentle downhill on the way in, so the way home was much harder,and there was a huge headwind, I have to say ,it was a great way to destress after work. Tuesday, I drove as I was quite stiff, and went to a body balance class before work.Wednesday,I hopped back on the bike and did it again, no headwind this time and heaps easier!-So I think you can call me a rider now(a slow rider, but I'm sure I will speed up)
Now I did mention a second thing, that was a first for me- on Monday ,my hubby Stan rode with me, and when we were about to cross a main road,I looked over at him,and he had a huge huntsman spider crawling up his back! Now normally I would have screamed and made a run for it, but to both our surprise,I just reached out and flicked it off his back!!Its the first time I've touched a huntsman spider(that I'm aware of-Ugh).We were highfiving each other,he was so proud of me:)

Today I haven't done any exercise,I did start my Christmas shopping though,which I have been having a bit of a panic about,there's still time left though,I have to do a soccer run in a few minutes, then maybe I'll get motivated,-if not I am off tomorrow and will do something in the morning.

We have the social weekend from hell coming up, Friday(tomorrow) Stan's Xmas lunch, then my work's Xmas drinks and nibbles in the evening.Saturday,we have a 40th BBQ and then a friend's son's 18th and then Sunday,Stan and I have registered for a charity bike ride of 60 kms, with a BBQ following!
So obviously, I will attempt to use some restraint-not so worried about the eating, for me it's the wine!!

I have a weigh in tomorrow,so we'll see how that goes-I would be happy with 300 gms, I will definitely have to move it up a notch- Later in January,I can see an Optifast week coming up,just to detox and remind myself I do have some willpower there somewhere. I have a fill scheduled December 22nd( I only have to do 1 day fluids,1 day mushies,so I'm still on for Christmas lunch)

Will check in tomorrow,have a good Friday everyone:)