Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weigh In Day!

I just thought,I have used the same title for the last blog as well!! Does anyone else have trouble thinking up titles for their blogposts? or is it just me who is creatively challenged??!!

Ok so today is weigh in day and WOOHOO I am now 96.3kg-that is a loss of 1.1kg this week!!
It has been an up and down week eating wise-I have good restriction,but feel that I'm not listening to my body and ending up too full.But you know, I'm more aware now than I have been, so I'll just keep working on it.

I completed a 40 km hills cycle last Sunday(I have ordered a photo from the ride,will post when I get it), I have only ridden to work once this week( I had things on,on other days)-so there is room for improvement there.My clothes are starting to feel a little looser and people are commenting again, I must do some measurements soon.

We are having some hot weather here now-a last blast of summer, so don't feel like walking or really doing any exercising in the middle of the day, will have to do something a bit later.
I know I'm just warbling on now-just wanted to get my weight recorded, so all have a good Friday, and oh yeah, I only have 6 more days until I can have a glass of wine!!(What do I
sound like??)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Weigh In Day!

Yesterday was my weigh in day- 97.4 kg- a loss of .4 kg. It was more earlier in the week, but I had to sabotage myself of course, and hence the small loss.

I rode to work 3 x this week,and walked x 1, so all good on the exercise front.
Wednesday ,the start of my downfall- it was the 3 year anniversary of my dad passing away.We had my mum over for some take in Thai food and I have to say I gutsed my self silly!!
Thursday, ate the leftovers.
Friday-made my kids some sausage rolls and had to sample while I was cooking.Also bought some winegums-(this dry February is killing me,even buying lollies with the word wine in them!!)
Saturday-today, finished wine gums!!
OMG-just get out of the house!! I am really flat today, can't get motivated to do too much at all.Just looked outside, to see hubby skipping(with a rope), Daughter has played basketball already,son is at soccer and then there is me!!A big sloth -ok ,Now I have made myself blog, I am going to do something with my life.
Thank goodness, I have good restriction at present,so hopefully can regain my control soon.
I am doing a 40km ride in the hills tomorrow with a group, so at least tomorrow should start off well.
I am still alcohol free, totally over it-next year I am definitely not doing February, too hard in Summer and lots on around town, that I am feeling really deprived at present. Just goes to show how much I must be relying on the booze to relax etc.

Ok will post this-just needed to vent and get out of my funk, This has definitely helped,have a good weekend all:)

Monday, 13 February 2012


Why is it that the weekends go sooo quickly?? I have 3 days off every weekend, and feel like it just wooshes by!!Whine,Whine Whine-ok I will stop now! I will mention though I am on day 13 of my dry February and have been a little cranky at times, didn't actually realise quite how much I like to relax with a glass of wine. I am not giving in now though,otherwise I will have do a month at some other stage this year,I couldn't face that at all!!(this post seems to have a lot of exclamation marks in it-have you noticed?)

Saturday night , we had my daughter's 14th birthday dinner with her friends, it was actually a lot of fun.My hubby and I cooked them dinner,set the table nicely, cleared the table and did the cake thing,it all went smoothly,a lovely bunch of girls, although they didn't look 14 all dressed up in their party dresses. I think we are in for some troubled times, if Emma is anything like her mother-tee hee.I have put a photo here to show you my beautiful daughter who is also quite pleasant at times!!
My daughter Emma is the one standing up.

I rode to work today, the weather is warming up here,but I have promised myself I will ride at least 3 times aweek. It takes about the same time to get home(uphill) as if I take the bus, so its all good.
I have finally caught up with my reading of blogs-I was starting to stress a little over it all,but now I can start commenting a bit more.
Well now I'm just waffling,so must get organised for tomorrow-Have a good week everyone

Friday, 10 February 2012

New Scale..

A quickie to update my weigh in results from Friday- now at 97.8 kg- my lowest was 96.9kg before Christmas so I'm nearly back there.
I also have bought myself a new scale as mine was all over the place, all adding to my increased motivation.
I'm back eating after my fill on Thursday , I can feel a little difference in restriction,so combined with my riding hoping to drop some serious weight now.
We have 10 fourteen year old girls to dinner tonight for my daughters birthday, so must get up and going,laying in bed writing this,how decadent.
Alright hope everyone has a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fill day.

So after making my return blog last Friday,its now nearly been a week since I blogged.
The week has had its good points-I rode my bike to work 3 times,very enjoyable,great way to destress and nothing like getting your exercise in ,without taking too much extra time in the day. If its one thing I am,its time poor ,especially for the first 3 days of the week when I work 10 hour days!!
On the other side of the coin-my eating has been truly deplorable,felt like using a long word there.
In the evenings,I have literally stuffed myself silly-am I compensating cos of my no alcohol February?? Yes I certainly think that is part of it- I need to keep moving in the evenings-no plonking in front of the tv,watching and eating my way through Biggest Loser!!

So today was fill day-wait for it,I had gained 2 kilos -I haven't been weighing myself at home as my scale is a little erratic and why would I-I may have to face the facts for a change.
Anyhow, the doctor said "dear,dear it's ok"-I think I needed some sterner words personally, and then gave me another 1ml in my band.So feels fine at the moment-have only had water since, I really hope I can feel some good restriction, I have never Pbed and can eat totally anything,like bread etc. I did have some good restriction before Christmas so hopefully that's where I will be again.It's time to get on with this....

Tomorrow is my day off- I have a coffee planned and getting my eyes checked-I am of the age where things are going downhill in that department,maybe I can get some groovy glasses, that will help with my squinting etc. I am going to buy some more bike riding gear-no not lycra-just baggy shorts ,as I have been washing nearly every night as well and some rain gear.

Anyhow still haven't caught up on my reading,will start again tonight,can't wait to read what everyone has been up to:)

Friday, 3 February 2012

BYOC-Thanks To Drazil

Don't all fall down, I'm back- I haven't posted or read blogs for a whole month. My head hasn't been there, few issues at home, although I am only halfway there, like I read in a lot of blogs-adjusting to my new size. I am also hitting the age where I am questioning a lot of stuff in my life,yeh for the hormones!!!
I have somehow maintained my weight loss, have been eating badly, drinking way too much and have just started to get back into exercise over the last 2 weeks.Still having back problems on and off ,scans showed just osteoarthritis so no disc issues. Need to work on my core strength.
I am also having a dry month-with my hubby and quite a few friends-4 days in 25 to go!!So hopefully ,with a fill scheduled next week will get me back on track...

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for BYOC. Bring Your Own Crazy brought to you by DRAZ

1. Have you ever bought undies/bra/lingerie for someone else? Or has anyone ever bought them for you? How was the “experience”?

Apart from the kids and my hubby,nobody else. My mother in law bought me some huge potato sacks of undies, I think it was for my birthday,I threw them out .She was losing weight at the time and oh so noble about the whole thing!!

2. Do you have an internal song you replay in your head that is just yours?

No, what ever is playing on the radio at the time,seems to stick for the day!

3. I heard on the news the other day that something like 80% of people think a tan person is way sexier than “not tan”. How do you feel about that? Do you tan? Fake bake? Real sun? Or do you wear SPF 150?

I like to have a little color,but as I'm fair,don't get it naturally. I use one of those moisturisers that give you a little tan. I always Suncream up-living in Oz, high rate of skin cancer here,I have had a small skin cancer taken off my back, so keep an eye out for any skin changes.

4. Do you vote in the presidential election? Do you vote based on news, family opinions or research or your gut?

Being in Australia,it is compulsory to vote in our federal elections, I vote based on the party platforms-nothing shits me more than people who vote one way cos thats the way their families have always voted..

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life-remains confusing, but on the improve,hence the blogging!!
Enjoying working out again, riding a few times a week on my nearly new bike..

Blog Life-Non existent until yesterday-I have missed you all and can't wait to catch up all your blogs-especially Ronnie's dating escapades :)