Thursday, 31 May 2012

1 year bandiversary:)

Yesterday was my my bandiversary. I wasn't even going to acknowledge it as for the last 6 months,I have lost nothing! But then I thought if it hadn't been for my band, I would not be 50 lbs lighter now, in fact I would probably be even heavier than my starting weight . So what has changed for me in the last year??-I now can go into most regular stores and buy clothes. I am more comfortable in myself. I can ride big hills on my bike-and have been known to wear lycra in public!! It is easier to get dressed in the morning-all my clothes in my closet fit.I am becoming more aware of my eating patterns- I can stop at one or two chocolates-only just. Today, I am going to start finishing the journey of my weightloss,I am finally realising that the band isn't going to do it all for me, and I just may have to use a little willpower as well.I have good restriction, I know all the rules, now I am going to put it all together.My schedule has been all over the place this week-had a child home with gastro for 4 days-not good for the exercise, but she 's back at school today,so game on. The weather is shit today-rainy and cold, so it's indoor exercise for me today. Now having said that ,I just looked outside and saw a window of opportunity, rain had stopped so off I went and abandoned my blog post and did a 90 minute bush walk.So go me!! Here is a photo of where I walked today.
Later today I am going to hit the exercise bike for an hour-I have lots of spare time today-My husband and son have gone interstate ,my son is sitting the SAT exam tomorrow am.All part of his endeavour to get a US college scholarship.So it's just Emma and I,and I'm sure she will be wiped after her first day back at school this week.OMG-I know I'm rambling on,now.When I was walking , I was thinking of some tips to keep myself on track.Firstly I need to know the calorie value before I consume any food, and I really have to write down my food intake for a while to geta sense of where my dangers are. So I will put a before picture and after picture here-The before was a camping photo which made me to decide to go ahead with the surgery. The after picture is from 3 weeks ago, on our anniversary trip.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Belated weigh in post..

Before you think I have gone AWOL again, I have had the busiest 3 days, and I am going back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off!!-How will I fit work in?? Anyhow,I did weigh in on Friady and it was 98.7kg-about 2 kg from my lightest-I knew I had gained, thought it was closer to 3 kg so Yeh Me!!(said sarcastically). I have had lots of stuff on this weekend-mostly to do with running my daughter to sport and household errands etc,nothing too fun till this morning when I did a three hour hill ride with a girlfriend- OMG we killed ourselves but it was killa. She has been away for 5 weeks so my rides have been a little tame and quite a bit shorter with no one to natter with.I wore my heartrate monitor and it said I had burnt 1300 calories , so I am now trying not to eat those same calories. So back to work tomorrow, I will be working my new shortened hours-only 6 hours a day, so hoping to be able to ride most days. My son got his driving license on Friday- I have to say it was a little anxious making seeing him drive off, just relishing his new freedom-Good on him, I can still remember how good that felt! I have got a few things sorted at home here during my holidays- makes you feel the house is not as hopeless I once thought-quite liberating, In fact I feel more motivated on all counts. Have been reading on my ipad ,so not too much commenting going on-will work on that, Great to be back:)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Off the Wagon!!

I have been reading all your blogs- lurking around the blogging scene(as Lapband Gal puts it:)) I just haven't been able to make myself blog.If you're thinking she must have put on some weight-you are so right-I have put on 3 kg-and maintaining that gain for the last month or so. Interestingly enough, I have lost centimetres, but I have to say that doesn't cheer me up any. So what have I been up to?- A lot of stressing out over my daughter's behaviour(she's 14,say no more), I had my 25th wedding anniversary with a trip away to celebrate and working lots. What haven't I been up to?- Eating healthily, a little hiatus from working out(back on track now) Just spending some me-time! So what have I done-I am on a 2 week break from work, I have cut down my hours of work to be home a little more in the afternoons with my daughter, also to be able to fit in my exercise and get my house in order-I won't lie, it's not a great choice financially but you gotta do what you gotta do. Band wise -I have had a fill 2 weeks ago, which has been good, now working on the mental aspect, Winter is here in the southern hemisphere and it is not my best time!!I am disappointed with my progress this year so far but feel like its time to wake up and get the job done. So it will be back to Friday weighins with no excuses. I will leave it there today,feels great to be back, forgot how therapeutic it is to blog. I will just add some photos from my anniversary trip to Trinity Beach-Northern Queensland. :)
Yes I ate this!!