Friday, 30 September 2011

First Goal!!!

Finally I did it!! Today I weighed 99.2 kg-under the 100kg mark, can't believe it.. For me this was huge-I think I have been sabotaging the last few weeks so this week I have focussed and I am estatic with the result. So I have now lost 18.8 kg or 42 pounds -my next goal is to lose 21.5kg to make my half way there mark-so nearly 3 kgs to go!! Last night I had my last band fit class,we did a kinda beep test at the first class and again last night at class number 6, I had really improved,so very happy with that too. And then after I weighed this am-i went with a friend to a normal jeans store and bought some size 16 -can you believe it size 16 Levis-ok so they are snug to say the least,but wow-Rock my world!!! Anyhow ,they are being hemmed-cutting off half the leg length I think, so won't be able to wear them till next week! I am really a jeans girl so thought it was worth the expense and they will last me a while, they were snug!!! So just a huge amount of victories for me this week, what a great decision it was for me to get this band!!! I know I keep using exclamation marks but that is how I am feeling... Now I know you are alll getting ready for BOOBS -hope you have a fantastic time and have a drink for me, cant wait to hear all about it...:) Have a great weekend:)

Monday, 26 September 2011


Scuse the french but truly I am such a nutcase- After having a great weighin Friday-I have self sabotaged for the rest of the weekend!! Too much bloody wine and therefore lots of nibbling-where is my head?? And of course,because I was a little hungover this morning missed the gym-its just a huge cycle! Alright its done and I'm moving on-have eaten well today-probably helped that I am still queasy from the vino. I will go to the gym tomorrow am-(I usually never go on a Tuesday) Wednesday-gym again-run for 30 mins Thursday- Walk up the hill Friday-Walk up the hill So its here on paper-this is my solemn vow-also drink water at least 3 bottles tomorrow-and stay away from the scales till Friday since I can't be trusted not to react to them!! OK now bring on the week....

Friday, 23 September 2011

Catching up!

Just a quick note to let you all know-I am still catching up on my reading of your blogs-so I am not ignoring you all-just saying....

Sooooo Close!!!!

Here's my weigh in report as promised-100kg even!!-Had i not had that 2nd glass of wine last night ,I might have cracked it. Oh well, isn't it funny how you go along thinking you aren't losing any and then suddenly it seems to drop off!!(well,not quite drop off-as if!) Bandfit class was last night-we did arms and I got a good workout-we also incorporate cardio, so I came away feeling like I had really done something. Next week is our last week and we are learning how to put it all together and make our own workout. oh and we have to do our 6 minute beep test again-to see if there is any improvement. I have done my walk today- it seems to be getting easier , I could chatter all the way up the hill today. The first time I did this walk-I thought I was going to have the big one going up that damn hill! Anyway I will take 100 kg-it is the lowest I have been at least since I had Emma ,my daughter-so nearly 14 years, and it is 18 kg down-13 since my operation. What a wonderful decision that was....

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'm back...

Well after a fantastic week away, I'm back and having worked 3 days feel like I never left!! No, that's not true-I still feel renewed enthusiasm for work ! I had the best time in Sydney-spent 2 days with my brother and then 4 days with an old friend, staying in a posh hotel on the harbour. Oh ,that's the life for me!! I'm sure I was really rich in another life. I did so much while I was there activity wise- wow you just gotta love the extra energy you have have when you've lost some weight! I was nuts! Did a 2 hour walk pretty much as soon as I got off the plane, the next day did a 2 hour coastal walk and then walked the city centre all afternoon shopping. Walking slowed down a bit when my friend Lorraine arrived-she has a totally bunged knee and although she can cycle ,can't walk for any distance. So we signed up and did a 4 hour cycle tour of the city and harbours , managed to get to the gym all the other days, in fact I was a little weary at the end of the trip. My friend is also trying to lose weight ,so we weren't really bad with our eating-My portions were a little large-no eating between meals though but we did have a few wines-didn't wreck ourselves though. So the question on your lips-did I gain- well yes and no-before I left and after my last weigh in ,I had gained about 500 gms-the weekend was my birthday celebration and I wasn't particularly good, when I got back , I was the same-so happy with that and will weigh tomorrow am as normal. i will put some photos on of my trip- I have 98 posts to read from you all!! so lucky my hubby has had to go away for work and after bandfit class tonight ,I will attempt to catch up... Can't wait to catch up with all your lives-now I'm back, I need to get serious and drop some kilos, I have 1kg till under 100 kg and three and a half till my halfway mark! Oh did I mention ,the seatbelt fit easily on the plane and although the seat wasn't roomy I could move around a little-I can't even imagine how great it will feel, in say 10 kilos time. I also bought a few pieces of clothing-a sporty jacket from the GAP and a couple of tops-still hesitant about my bottom half-didn't try on much in the way of pants. Well must go and add some photos-will post again after my weigh in tomorrow -no matter what !!
I am the one in the green tshirt-not great of me-but look at the scenery!!
View of one of Sydney's beautiful beaches...It was a great walk which went by about 5 different beaches!

Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

So I told ya,here I am 48 years old and still feel like I'm in my 20's-ok maybe 30's but you get the picture. It's all about how you feel and how you act, I figure. I have had agreat day day so far,1.5 hour walk to my favorite waterfall this am, then lunch out with my mum and friends and then I'm off to dinner with the kids and Stan.

For my gifts I got lots of cash-Off to Sydney tomorrow to see a girlfriend and my brother. Work sent me some flowers-Very nice and I got a few lovely little knickknacks from my friends! So very spoiled, and looking forward to the next week away!

We had a birthday drinks for all my friends yesterday-we do this every year and I always lose the plot halfway through the morning-cleaning and cooking nibbles and generally getting stressed and I say every year "there's no way I'm doing this next year!!" So yesterday,after I had finally cracked-I put down my cooking utensils and said "that's it ,I'm on the treadmill" (I have a treadmill in our spareroom) And I jogged for 26 minutes straight -3km without stopping!! Previously I have been jogging for 3 minutes ,walking for 2 minutes etc. So go me!! 48 years old -who knew I could run?? And after I was on such a high-I forgot I was cranky,finished all the cleaning etc and had agreat day-if not a little too much wine??!!
So the power of exercise wins again. I am truly addicted now.

In fact I'm thinking I could just about fit in 30 minutes right now, so maybe I will go and do that. have a good week everyone-Cece,I hope you find your pool, there has to be an option somewhere. Robyn-you must be missing Cat-I know we are in blogland, sorry you missed catching up with your daughter, Ronnie-I just loved the leopard print dress, you young thing!
will try and blog while I'm away-but definitely wont be weighing!!
Here is a photo of some of the healthy food I prepared...and my birthday flowers.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weigh In Day!

OMG today I stepped on the scale and it was 100.9 kg-1.2 kg down over the week-Yeh! Finally a whole kg- For me this is a slow process, but as long I'm edging towards the goal,I am content!

Last night was bandfit class-we did pilates-so a little sore in the abdomen today. It was good ,everyone was a little more relaxed and talkative . I was talking to one woman who had been banded in June and had lost 21 kg -wow-and she was disappointed it wasn't more!!Interesting,I never imagined this would be a quick fix-What did this lady think and how did she get this idea?
I will talk more with her in 2 weeks and find out more...

So I am officially on holidays now,Yee ha!! My birthday is on Monday-we are having an afternoon tea/drinks on Sunday and I am having lunch on Monday with my Mum and a friend,then Tuesday flying to Sydney!! Can hardly wait-6 nights on my own-no offence to my family but I really feel like a break- I am staying 2 nights with my brother who lives innercity and 4 nights at a hotel and a friend of mine from Queensland is coming down-Lots of shopping, talking and catching up,my own little BOOBS I guess!

I have been on my walk this am ,about 1.5 hours in Morialta Falls near us(3 minutes by car,20 minutes walk) so feel good, and ready to start the weekend..
i think I may have lost a follower-I'm sure it's cos I feel like my writing is boring and find it hard to blog more than once or twice a week-I do read blogs most nights in bed though which will hopefully be made easier soon as I am angling for an ipad-I will see how much I spend in Sydney firstly..

So hope you all have a great weekend-your blogs have helped me so much and really are my greatest support with this band. So please nobody else leave me-Was that pathetic or what??

Next time I blog I will be 48 years old and hopefully a little lighter,Bye for now:)

Friday, 2 September 2011

A New Day...

Thank you so much for the supportive comments, I can't believe how much it helps and how excited I get over comments!
So it's weigh in day , and as I had thought a weight gain today -but only 0.5 kg so i am now at 102.1 kg,I have to say thank goodness for that fill yesterday-just needed something to break the eating cycle...

Just to let you know I did thrash it on the treadmill yesterday,I'm actually a little stiff today-I had to skip my bandfit class last night (I am doing a makeup class-don't worry)to get my hair done-I know that sounds trivial but I have to book my hair appointments about 6 weeks ahead,so couldn't cancel-no way!
My hairdresser was most impressed with my weight loss,and of course asked me how I was doing it-I said portion control and working out which is all true-didn't feel the need to explain any further and felt good about it.

So I have a big task ahead-2.1 kgs in 1.5 weeks,before my trip-we'll see how it goes,it's funny, I don't feel as thin as I did 2 weeks ago(roughly the same weight)-I think I must be adjusting to my size maybe-and its probably a good thing cos I was pretty complacent there for the last couple of weeks.

It is the second day of spring here, a gorgeous day,so I am going to get my walking shoes on and get out there, Have a good weekend everyone:)
My haircut is pictured here-I seem to be going shorter,the more weight I lose!!