Monday, 11 June 2012

Long Weekend....

We have just had a long weekend for the Queen's birthday. It has gone too quickly but I have managed to fit a lot in. Saturday, I did a 2:30 hr bike ride up some big hills - I had never been that way before and will definitely not be doing it again!! It was gruelling and apparently there is an easier route to get where I was going! It did me in for the rest of the day- but my heartrate monitor did say I burnt 1300 calories so you gotta like that!Oh did I mention it was 2 degrees when I set off..
Sunday we were back in the hills for a BBQ with some friends, a nice relaxing time, very lethargic.
Today I went on a ride with a friend to the beach-60 kms ,beautiful ride,nowhere near as taxing as Saturday but enough to feel noble for the rest of the day.
The rest of the day I have caught up on the dreaded housework- no spider sightings( seems to be prevalent in blogland at present)
I didnt post my weight on Friday - it was pretty much the same- ok I was up .5 kg What the?. I did do my measurements and I was 3 cms less on my hips and my waist - so all the biking and hiking is working :) I hope you all had a great weekend and have a great week!!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

10 Things Thursday!

1. Its the end of my work week,Yeh!
2. Not doing well on the eating front, too much snacking, had a couple glasses of wine tonight!
3. Have ridden to work twice this week, is becoming easier, gives me 80 minutes of exercise on those days.
4. Teenage daughter is stressing me,how will I live through it? ( Dont worry I know I will make it)
5. Did a huge bike ride last weekend- am starting to rock those hills- although got caught in the rain and felt like I had hypothermia after.
6.Other than biking this week,not doing too much else in the way of exercise- need to work on this.
7. It has been about 6 degrees celsius in the mornings-a little crisp out!!
8. I want summer-or at least spring:)
9. I bought 2 new tops for winter today -gotta love shopping when youre smaller!!
10. Must go to bed-day off tomorrow BushWalk planned and will try and do a small ride as well,Wish i hadnt had that wine!!:(
Have a good Friday:)

Thursday, 31 May 2012

1 year bandiversary:)

Yesterday was my my bandiversary. I wasn't even going to acknowledge it as for the last 6 months,I have lost nothing! But then I thought if it hadn't been for my band, I would not be 50 lbs lighter now, in fact I would probably be even heavier than my starting weight . So what has changed for me in the last year??-I now can go into most regular stores and buy clothes. I am more comfortable in myself. I can ride big hills on my bike-and have been known to wear lycra in public!! It is easier to get dressed in the morning-all my clothes in my closet fit.I am becoming more aware of my eating patterns- I can stop at one or two chocolates-only just. Today, I am going to start finishing the journey of my weightloss,I am finally realising that the band isn't going to do it all for me, and I just may have to use a little willpower as well.I have good restriction, I know all the rules, now I am going to put it all together.My schedule has been all over the place this week-had a child home with gastro for 4 days-not good for the exercise, but she 's back at school today,so game on. The weather is shit today-rainy and cold, so it's indoor exercise for me today. Now having said that ,I just looked outside and saw a window of opportunity, rain had stopped so off I went and abandoned my blog post and did a 90 minute bush walk.So go me!! Here is a photo of where I walked today.
Later today I am going to hit the exercise bike for an hour-I have lots of spare time today-My husband and son have gone interstate ,my son is sitting the SAT exam tomorrow am.All part of his endeavour to get a US college scholarship.So it's just Emma and I,and I'm sure she will be wiped after her first day back at school this week.OMG-I know I'm rambling on,now.When I was walking , I was thinking of some tips to keep myself on track.Firstly I need to know the calorie value before I consume any food, and I really have to write down my food intake for a while to geta sense of where my dangers are. So I will put a before picture and after picture here-The before was a camping photo which made me to decide to go ahead with the surgery. The after picture is from 3 weeks ago, on our anniversary trip.

Sunday, 27 May 2012

Belated weigh in post..

Before you think I have gone AWOL again, I have had the busiest 3 days, and I am going back to work tomorrow after 2 weeks off!!-How will I fit work in?? Anyhow,I did weigh in on Friady and it was 98.7kg-about 2 kg from my lightest-I knew I had gained, thought it was closer to 3 kg so Yeh Me!!(said sarcastically). I have had lots of stuff on this weekend-mostly to do with running my daughter to sport and household errands etc,nothing too fun till this morning when I did a three hour hill ride with a girlfriend- OMG we killed ourselves but it was killa. She has been away for 5 weeks so my rides have been a little tame and quite a bit shorter with no one to natter with.I wore my heartrate monitor and it said I had burnt 1300 calories , so I am now trying not to eat those same calories. So back to work tomorrow, I will be working my new shortened hours-only 6 hours a day, so hoping to be able to ride most days. My son got his driving license on Friday- I have to say it was a little anxious making seeing him drive off, just relishing his new freedom-Good on him, I can still remember how good that felt! I have got a few things sorted at home here during my holidays- makes you feel the house is not as hopeless I once thought-quite liberating, In fact I feel more motivated on all counts. Have been reading on my ipad ,so not too much commenting going on-will work on that, Great to be back:)

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Off the Wagon!!

I have been reading all your blogs- lurking around the blogging scene(as Lapband Gal puts it:)) I just haven't been able to make myself blog.If you're thinking she must have put on some weight-you are so right-I have put on 3 kg-and maintaining that gain for the last month or so. Interestingly enough, I have lost centimetres, but I have to say that doesn't cheer me up any. So what have I been up to?- A lot of stressing out over my daughter's behaviour(she's 14,say no more), I had my 25th wedding anniversary with a trip away to celebrate and working lots. What haven't I been up to?- Eating healthily, a little hiatus from working out(back on track now) Just spending some me-time! So what have I done-I am on a 2 week break from work, I have cut down my hours of work to be home a little more in the afternoons with my daughter, also to be able to fit in my exercise and get my house in order-I won't lie, it's not a great choice financially but you gotta do what you gotta do. Band wise -I have had a fill 2 weeks ago, which has been good, now working on the mental aspect, Winter is here in the southern hemisphere and it is not my best time!!I am disappointed with my progress this year so far but feel like its time to wake up and get the job done. So it will be back to Friday weighins with no excuses. I will leave it there today,feels great to be back, forgot how therapeutic it is to blog. I will just add some photos from my anniversary trip to Trinity Beach-Northern Queensland. :)
Yes I ate this!!

Monday, 19 March 2012

Still here....

I have once again let life get in the way of blogging. I am still here, I have been reading about you all-on my iphone,on the bus!! So not so great for commenting.

My weight is exactly the same-up and down about 200gms for the last 2 weigh ins. Feel like I am entering a better eating phase, have been making better choices and thinking about the process more.My band seemed extremely loose last week, but this week after some massive exercise on Sunday, I am tight!

So I know you're asking-what's with the massive exercise??-well of course it was a biking feat of extreme madness! Ride up our highest local point with 2000 other crazy cyclists! And done-another goal checked off the list,Photo of me at the top to follow. It was after I got to the summit,that I found I could drink(thank goodness) but doubt I could eat anything. So I was on the powerade for the next 35 kms of hill riding-total of 50 km. Just loving the biking right now.


Other things are going on in the house as well right now-teenage daughter is having dizzy spells and not eating, so having to monitor that right now,her BMI is 18.6 and every one is commenting how much thinner she is looking, so she has just had bloods done.There are a few bugs going around at the moment,hubby is not well,so hoping that is all it is-it's a hard age 14 yrs.

My son has applied to a US soccer recruiting firm, to maybe get a College scholarship to a US college, and found out he was successful in passing the first step, so you never know ,watch out you girls-he maybe coming to a college near you,lock up your daughters, and of course I will have to visit,so bring it on!!

Work is busy-flu season is about to begin,I am jabbing everyone who walks near me, so be warned...

Must go and attend to tea-I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to blog , Hope you all had a great weekend:)

Friday, 2 March 2012

Off the wagon....

Well its now March . that means dry February is over for me!!So Thursday night, I went out with the girls, had 2 glasses of wine, made good food decisions and was pleased with how restrained I was. Then came last night- I drank a bottle of wine and ate 3 pieces of pizza-and I have a massive hangover today. My head is pounding, I'm even a little nauseated-WTF!! OK, I think the deal is, I can have a drink but right now,it can't be wine, I do find it hard to have one glass.I am able with all other alcoholic bevvies to have one, so so be it.That's the plan, and I feel good about it. This attitude is a NSV for me, If I mucked up in earlier times, I would just throw the towel in and continue to eat badly, but now I can get myself back on track without doing too much damage:)(it even hurts to smile)

Weigh in day was yesterday, even though I have been good and ridden etc I gained 200 grams-96.5kg.So not especially happy about that.I have really good restriction most of the time at present,so I just need to use it.

I am pleased with how my bike riding is going, my back is hanging in there,loving my new bike to bits. I haven't been doing much other exercise though, a few arm weights at the gym, so really need to start up my walks again-stopped over summer.

I have been catching up on my reading of all your blogs, I am trying to comment but have run out of time so know I am still here and will get there.So have a good weekend:)

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Weigh In Day!

I just thought,I have used the same title for the last blog as well!! Does anyone else have trouble thinking up titles for their blogposts? or is it just me who is creatively challenged??!!

Ok so today is weigh in day and WOOHOO I am now 96.3kg-that is a loss of 1.1kg this week!!
It has been an up and down week eating wise-I have good restriction,but feel that I'm not listening to my body and ending up too full.But you know, I'm more aware now than I have been, so I'll just keep working on it.

I completed a 40 km hills cycle last Sunday(I have ordered a photo from the ride,will post when I get it), I have only ridden to work once this week( I had things on,on other days)-so there is room for improvement there.My clothes are starting to feel a little looser and people are commenting again, I must do some measurements soon.

We are having some hot weather here now-a last blast of summer, so don't feel like walking or really doing any exercising in the middle of the day, will have to do something a bit later.
I know I'm just warbling on now-just wanted to get my weight recorded, so all have a good Friday, and oh yeah, I only have 6 more days until I can have a glass of wine!!(What do I
sound like??)

Friday, 17 February 2012

Weigh In Day!

Yesterday was my weigh in day- 97.4 kg- a loss of .4 kg. It was more earlier in the week, but I had to sabotage myself of course, and hence the small loss.

I rode to work 3 x this week,and walked x 1, so all good on the exercise front.
Wednesday ,the start of my downfall- it was the 3 year anniversary of my dad passing away.We had my mum over for some take in Thai food and I have to say I gutsed my self silly!!
Thursday, ate the leftovers.
Friday-made my kids some sausage rolls and had to sample while I was cooking.Also bought some winegums-(this dry February is killing me,even buying lollies with the word wine in them!!)
Saturday-today, finished wine gums!!
OMG-just get out of the house!! I am really flat today, can't get motivated to do too much at all.Just looked outside, to see hubby skipping(with a rope), Daughter has played basketball already,son is at soccer and then there is me!!A big sloth -ok ,Now I have made myself blog, I am going to do something with my life.
Thank goodness, I have good restriction at present,so hopefully can regain my control soon.
I am doing a 40km ride in the hills tomorrow with a group, so at least tomorrow should start off well.
I am still alcohol free, totally over it-next year I am definitely not doing February, too hard in Summer and lots on around town, that I am feeling really deprived at present. Just goes to show how much I must be relying on the booze to relax etc.

Ok will post this-just needed to vent and get out of my funk, This has definitely helped,have a good weekend all:)

Monday, 13 February 2012


Why is it that the weekends go sooo quickly?? I have 3 days off every weekend, and feel like it just wooshes by!!Whine,Whine Whine-ok I will stop now! I will mention though I am on day 13 of my dry February and have been a little cranky at times, didn't actually realise quite how much I like to relax with a glass of wine. I am not giving in now though,otherwise I will have do a month at some other stage this year,I couldn't face that at all!!(this post seems to have a lot of exclamation marks in it-have you noticed?)

Saturday night , we had my daughter's 14th birthday dinner with her friends, it was actually a lot of fun.My hubby and I cooked them dinner,set the table nicely, cleared the table and did the cake thing,it all went smoothly,a lovely bunch of girls, although they didn't look 14 all dressed up in their party dresses. I think we are in for some troubled times, if Emma is anything like her mother-tee hee.I have put a photo here to show you my beautiful daughter who is also quite pleasant at times!!
My daughter Emma is the one standing up.

I rode to work today, the weather is warming up here,but I have promised myself I will ride at least 3 times aweek. It takes about the same time to get home(uphill) as if I take the bus, so its all good.
I have finally caught up with my reading of blogs-I was starting to stress a little over it all,but now I can start commenting a bit more.
Well now I'm just waffling,so must get organised for tomorrow-Have a good week everyone

Friday, 10 February 2012

New Scale..

A quickie to update my weigh in results from Friday- now at 97.8 kg- my lowest was 96.9kg before Christmas so I'm nearly back there.
I also have bought myself a new scale as mine was all over the place, all adding to my increased motivation.
I'm back eating after my fill on Thursday , I can feel a little difference in restriction,so combined with my riding hoping to drop some serious weight now.
We have 10 fourteen year old girls to dinner tonight for my daughters birthday, so must get up and going,laying in bed writing this,how decadent.
Alright hope everyone has a good weekend :)

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fill day.

So after making my return blog last Friday,its now nearly been a week since I blogged.
The week has had its good points-I rode my bike to work 3 times,very enjoyable,great way to destress and nothing like getting your exercise in ,without taking too much extra time in the day. If its one thing I am,its time poor ,especially for the first 3 days of the week when I work 10 hour days!!
On the other side of the coin-my eating has been truly deplorable,felt like using a long word there.
In the evenings,I have literally stuffed myself silly-am I compensating cos of my no alcohol February?? Yes I certainly think that is part of it- I need to keep moving in the evenings-no plonking in front of the tv,watching and eating my way through Biggest Loser!!

So today was fill day-wait for it,I had gained 2 kilos -I haven't been weighing myself at home as my scale is a little erratic and why would I-I may have to face the facts for a change.
Anyhow, the doctor said "dear,dear it's ok"-I think I needed some sterner words personally, and then gave me another 1ml in my band.So feels fine at the moment-have only had water since, I really hope I can feel some good restriction, I have never Pbed and can eat totally anything,like bread etc. I did have some good restriction before Christmas so hopefully that's where I will be again.It's time to get on with this....

Tomorrow is my day off- I have a coffee planned and getting my eyes checked-I am of the age where things are going downhill in that department,maybe I can get some groovy glasses, that will help with my squinting etc. I am going to buy some more bike riding gear-no not lycra-just baggy shorts ,as I have been washing nearly every night as well and some rain gear.

Anyhow still haven't caught up on my reading,will start again tonight,can't wait to read what everyone has been up to:)

Friday, 3 February 2012

BYOC-Thanks To Drazil

Don't all fall down, I'm back- I haven't posted or read blogs for a whole month. My head hasn't been there, few issues at home, although I am only halfway there, like I read in a lot of blogs-adjusting to my new size. I am also hitting the age where I am questioning a lot of stuff in my life,yeh for the hormones!!!
I have somehow maintained my weight loss, have been eating badly, drinking way too much and have just started to get back into exercise over the last 2 weeks.Still having back problems on and off ,scans showed just osteoarthritis so no disc issues. Need to work on my core strength.
I am also having a dry month-with my hubby and quite a few friends-4 days in 25 to go!!So hopefully ,with a fill scheduled next week will get me back on track...

It’s Friday and that means it’s time for BYOC. Bring Your Own Crazy brought to you by DRAZ

1. Have you ever bought undies/bra/lingerie for someone else? Or has anyone ever bought them for you? How was the “experience”?

Apart from the kids and my hubby,nobody else. My mother in law bought me some huge potato sacks of undies, I think it was for my birthday,I threw them out .She was losing weight at the time and oh so noble about the whole thing!!

2. Do you have an internal song you replay in your head that is just yours?

No, what ever is playing on the radio at the time,seems to stick for the day!

3. I heard on the news the other day that something like 80% of people think a tan person is way sexier than “not tan”. How do you feel about that? Do you tan? Fake bake? Real sun? Or do you wear SPF 150?

I like to have a little color,but as I'm fair,don't get it naturally. I use one of those moisturisers that give you a little tan. I always Suncream up-living in Oz, high rate of skin cancer here,I have had a small skin cancer taken off my back, so keep an eye out for any skin changes.

4. Do you vote in the presidential election? Do you vote based on news, family opinions or research or your gut?

Being in Australia,it is compulsory to vote in our federal elections, I vote based on the party platforms-nothing shits me more than people who vote one way cos thats the way their families have always voted..

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in real life and in blog land.

Real life-remains confusing, but on the improve,hence the blogging!!
Enjoying working out again, riding a few times a week on my nearly new bike..

Blog Life-Non existent until yesterday-I have missed you all and can't wait to catch up all your blogs-especially Ronnie's dating escapades :)

Thursday, 12 January 2012

More information...

Just thought I would add some more info re my new bike, it is an Avanti bike, model is Circa 1, I believe this is an Australian/New Zealand company. Instead of getting a straightforward road bike, I got a cyclocross bike which is higher at the front end(good for people with shitbad backs)The tires are thicker than a road bike,I am swapping these out to get a little thinner ones, but if you google the sport cyclocross ,you will see its a cross between mountain biking and road racing.So the bike is durable and will suit different purposes.
Now I will stop boring you all about the bike-but believe me there were people who wanted more info!!
I could ramble on about it all day, but won't.....this time.

I weighed in today at 98.3 kg-.6kg down from my gain over the festive season, my lowest before then was 96.9 kg-so at least heading in the right direction again, Phew!!

My back spasmed again this am,so off I went finally to the Dr, nurses are the worst at getting things checked out,I am having an xray tomorrow- then off for some intensive physio,just when I thought I was making some progress..

We have the Tour Down Under bike race starting here next week, we always go and watch a stage or 2 , so looking forward to that. So have a good weekend everyone, I am still catching up on my reading of blogs, so apologies for the lack of comments etc.:)

New Bike!!

Today I bought a new bike, of course there is no instant gratification in this as it will take to next week to get it and have it set up to my specifications , but just thought you should all know!!!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Hi I'm back-its been a long blogging disappearance, I always wonder when people have a hiatus, are they in a bad place or just busy??!! Well, a little of both here, have been in a bit of a funk, and have not done well over the festive season with my weight.

We went camping down the beach for 8 days, after Christmas.It ended up as a bit of a disappointment, I always enjoy camping, but this time we were in a campground that was heaving with people, and if its one thing I detest is listening to people who don't belong to me snoring and farting 1 meter away under canvas! Am I getting old?? The weather was hot,which was ok, but it was very dry and dusty and I have to say it was the best bath I have ever had when I got back.
We went with friends and needless to say, there was quite a bit of drinking and eating going on. On day 2 I did my back again(probably reaching down to get a wine out of the cooler!!), so then there wasn't much activity either- so the damage is 2 kilos!! I'm not even going to tell you how long it took me to lose those 2 kilos....

I am back to work now, my back is still pissing , annoying me ,so haven't done too much exercise as well. I am going to slowly start tomorrow,and because I find moderation in anything hard it seems,will have to concentrate hard not too overdo it.

It is summer holidays for the kids here,so mine are laying around,beaching it and generally doing absolutely nothing around the house,which may get a little tedious to watch, but no more complaining from me!!

OK the plan-I have a fill booked in early February
Catch up on reading of blogs
Start slowly exercising
Drink heaps of water
Stop snacking
Buy a new bike-Teehee, I think I will do that one tomorrow-will keep you posted
Stop being a grumpy old lady
Thinking about an optifast week,to kickstart the weightloss
Do not buy a case of that yummy sauvignon blanc even if the devil tells me to do it!!

Ok so its good to have a plan, I feel better already, I am aware, that to be truly successful, I should be more specific in my goals, and I will do that over the next week.

Happy New Year to you all,and lets make this one a great one:)

A picture of the beach we were at constantly for 8 days!!