Thursday, 7 June 2012

10 Things Thursday!

1. Its the end of my work week,Yeh!
2. Not doing well on the eating front, too much snacking, had a couple glasses of wine tonight!
3. Have ridden to work twice this week, is becoming easier, gives me 80 minutes of exercise on those days.
4. Teenage daughter is stressing me,how will I live through it? ( Dont worry I know I will make it)
5. Did a huge bike ride last weekend- am starting to rock those hills- although got caught in the rain and felt like I had hypothermia after.
6.Other than biking this week,not doing too much else in the way of exercise- need to work on this.
7. It has been about 6 degrees celsius in the mornings-a little crisp out!!
8. I want summer-or at least spring:)
9. I bought 2 new tops for winter today -gotta love shopping when youre smaller!!
10. Must go to bed-day off tomorrow BushWalk planned and will try and do a small ride as well,Wish i hadnt had that wine!!:(
Have a good Friday:)

1 comment:

  1. I think anyone who rides in cold weather should automatically burn twice as many calories!