Thursday, 15 December 2011

Weigh in...

Just a quickie to post my weight- 96.9 kg today-so a loss of .8kg, Woohoo!!! 21.1 kg down,21.9 till my goal of 75kg. 6 months in and halfway -well nearly, go me..

I have just got home from Christmas shopping,and no I didn't finish,I'm a lot closer but still a few of my friends to get something for-I have tried to cut out this giftgiving but I have been vetoed by the rest of them, so oh well.....

I am feeling a little tighter than I am use to, have just had a yoghurt and am totally full, I'll see how it goes-I am out to dinner tonight with my bookclub girls who all know about the band,so no sweat if I can't get too much down. I have an appointment booked on the 22nd December-definitely won't need a fill,was going to cancel but then as I'm feeling so tight ,will give it a couple more days.I love not being interested in food,though.

Anyway just raving on now-I must tell you though,last night Stan(hubby) handed me a whole lot of papers and said take a look at these, they were all info re different ladies road bikes, I have been riding a hybrid and have felt it was time to upgrade. I won't do anything before Christmas,too rushed and can't concentrate ,with all the Christmas prep going on, But when I looked up into the hills today,I could just picture myself on a sleek lightweight road bike :)
Just in case you forgot what I looked like- my daughter thinks I'm obsessed with my webcam and she may be right!!!


  1. Omg! New bike alert! So exciting! I don't know much about road bikes but I bet switching from a hybrid will make a huge difference.

  2. I think it's time for a new profile pic. Looking good!

  3. Congrats on your weight loss this week and the last six months :o)

    Have fun thinking about your new bike!