Thursday, 15 December 2011

? Sweet spot!

Hello all, Let me tell you about my week.
.Friday weigh last week-Same-no change,ok can live with this, too much festive season....
.Friday -out to Stan's christmas lunch and my christmas dinner-dropped my workout bag at the gym and in between did a treadmill and weight workout-Go me!! but I have never been so full as after that dessert I ate at Stan's lunch,needless to say ,I was very good at dinner!
.Saturday afternoon-out to a 40th BBQ-a few wines, and 1 chicken skewer
.Saturday evening-a friend's son's 18th-1 more wine and a few nibbles
.Sunday morning-early, bike ride for charity ended up being close to 70 km-4 hours of solid peddling.OMG,not as much of an athlete as everyone kept telling me!!! 20 km from the finish, wanted to curl up and have a good cry but then how was I going to get back to the car,Stan was so good,just left me alone for a while and then I passed over the hump and it felt ok for the last 15ish kms.There was a huge headwind during my tantrum period,I have discovered that seems to be the trigger for my dummyspits!
.Monday work 10 hours-the last hour felt incredibly nauseated and went home straight to bed at 6pm feeling fluey and totally yuk!
.Tuesday -sick day,slept most of it away,feeling better at end
.Wednesday-worked,still tired,can't eat much
.Thursday-worked till 1pm ,then Christmas shopping, ,feel like I haven't touched the surface of the shopping-these days I don't love the shopping, I just feel stressed at all the money going out-I am getting old!
So that's where I'm at, tomorrow I am off ,and I want to finish this bloody shopping,so I can concentrate on food next week-i mean,like things I have to cook for Christmas day. We are off camping for a week from the 28th December-and of course,the stores are all closed in Adelaide over Christmas until then, so I will have to be organized beforehand! Not a strong point of mine:)
So weigh in tomorrow- I feel thinner, but maybe only by .5-1 kg-you would think after the week of sickness that I would be svelte....

I have another Christmas dinner tomorrow night,now to explain the title-Sweet spot-just maybe I might be there, I can only eat a very small amount and I feel full-now I haven't really felt that since I was first banded, I'm sure it's probably irritation from the nauseated days but I'm taking it and have to say loving it!!!

I will report in after the shopping day from hell-woops,I wasn't going to be quite so negative...Have a good Friday :)


  1. wow, 4 hours of cycling. That's quite an accomplishment!
    Hope you feel better today.

  2. Fingers crossed for good restriction!

  3. Fingers crossed for you and I hope your shopping isn't too traumatic for you :o)