Thursday, 22 December 2011

Back pain!!

So last Sunday, I was on the toilet,I know too much information!!-Any hoozle, when I stood up, I must have bent weirdly cos I had this explosion of pain in my low back and then couldn't move-my poor husband had to pull my pants up!!
Now as the day went on and with the help of drugs I could get around,but very stiffly.I should have taken the week off work but didn't as I was going on holidays today and needed to get things organised for the 2 weeks I am off.So needless to say,this week has been struggletown for me, can't exercise,can't ride-feel like a grumpy chronic pain person.It is getting better but not quick enough for me, and I feel flabby and fat( although the scales haven't changed) I am starting to eat badly now,its like a big cycle you get caught in.

I know this is the sadsack post, I will be better tomorrow,after I get the christmas grocery shopping done,hopefully with the help of one at least of my teenagers-who are striking me as the laziest people on the earth this week!(see I am grumpy)

so tomorrow I am going to attempt some light exercise, cos otherwise I will go bananas...

I had an appointment for a fill today, I went, but told them I didn't want one,feel like I have good restriction at present,made an appointment for 6 weeks time.I had lost 2 kilos over the last 4 weeks, so all good there.

Alright,I am going to take my miserable body off to bed, and look forward to a new day:(


  1. Dani, back pain is the worst! Sorry to hear. Mine seems to have improved after a day of rest and some good drugs! It is a vicious cycle, no exercise leading to grumpiness and then poor food choices. The best advice I've gotten all week is ~ be kind to yourself. So there you go. Take it easy and have a happy holiday! I tried to reply to your comment but I don't have your email and blogger wouldn't let me reply...

  2. What a horrible time to be having back problems! That happened to me once when I just reached to grab a kitchen towel and then SNAP! It was awful, I just stood there, sweat pouring off my face, unable to move. I seem to recall it was a tendon and just needed time to heal.
    BEst of luck to you and happy holidays!

  3. I hope you feel better, and just tell the teenagers, if they don't help, they don't eat :o) see if that works!

  4. Oh no! I hope you're back to feeling alright, Dani. I'm sorry to hear this happened. :(