Friday, 2 March 2012

Off the wagon....

Well its now March . that means dry February is over for me!!So Thursday night, I went out with the girls, had 2 glasses of wine, made good food decisions and was pleased with how restrained I was. Then came last night- I drank a bottle of wine and ate 3 pieces of pizza-and I have a massive hangover today. My head is pounding, I'm even a little nauseated-WTF!! OK, I think the deal is, I can have a drink but right now,it can't be wine, I do find it hard to have one glass.I am able with all other alcoholic bevvies to have one, so so be it.That's the plan, and I feel good about it. This attitude is a NSV for me, If I mucked up in earlier times, I would just throw the towel in and continue to eat badly, but now I can get myself back on track without doing too much damage:)(it even hurts to smile)

Weigh in day was yesterday, even though I have been good and ridden etc I gained 200 grams-96.5kg.So not especially happy about that.I have really good restriction most of the time at present,so I just need to use it.

I am pleased with how my bike riding is going, my back is hanging in there,loving my new bike to bits. I haven't been doing much other exercise though, a few arm weights at the gym, so really need to start up my walks again-stopped over summer.

I have been catching up on my reading of all your blogs, I am trying to comment but have run out of time so know I am still here and will get there.So have a good weekend:)


  1. Back on the hooch, and it no feels good! This just reinforces my opinion that I should never give it up... lol

  2. I can't drink wine either, no matter what kind, I always end up with a headache. Sometimes the headache comes right after I drink it, other times it's not until the morning.
    Feel better!