Monday, 19 March 2012

Still here....

I have once again let life get in the way of blogging. I am still here, I have been reading about you all-on my iphone,on the bus!! So not so great for commenting.

My weight is exactly the same-up and down about 200gms for the last 2 weigh ins. Feel like I am entering a better eating phase, have been making better choices and thinking about the process more.My band seemed extremely loose last week, but this week after some massive exercise on Sunday, I am tight!

So I know you're asking-what's with the massive exercise??-well of course it was a biking feat of extreme madness! Ride up our highest local point with 2000 other crazy cyclists! And done-another goal checked off the list,Photo of me at the top to follow. It was after I got to the summit,that I found I could drink(thank goodness) but doubt I could eat anything. So I was on the powerade for the next 35 kms of hill riding-total of 50 km. Just loving the biking right now.


Other things are going on in the house as well right now-teenage daughter is having dizzy spells and not eating, so having to monitor that right now,her BMI is 18.6 and every one is commenting how much thinner she is looking, so she has just had bloods done.There are a few bugs going around at the moment,hubby is not well,so hoping that is all it is-it's a hard age 14 yrs.

My son has applied to a US soccer recruiting firm, to maybe get a College scholarship to a US college, and found out he was successful in passing the first step, so you never know ,watch out you girls-he maybe coming to a college near you,lock up your daughters, and of course I will have to visit,so bring it on!!

Work is busy-flu season is about to begin,I am jabbing everyone who walks near me, so be warned...

Must go and attend to tea-I had forgotten how therapeutic it is to blog , Hope you all had a great weekend:)


  1. Hey! Great job on the big bike ride! Love that picture!

  2. Hope everyone is getting better and you continue to enjoy your rides, love the last pic :o)

  3. Congrats on the big ride, that would scare me to death!! Hope everyone is feeling better in your house. I do not envy anyone with a teenage daughter.

  4. Great job on reaching another goal. You go girl!

  5. Awww, sending positive vibes to your family!

  6. Ooh! I know that hill and I am super impressed! It makes my calves hurt just thinking about it!