Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Off the Wagon!!

I have been reading all your blogs- lurking around the blogging scene(as Lapband Gal puts it:)) I just haven't been able to make myself blog.If you're thinking she must have put on some weight-you are so right-I have put on 3 kg-and maintaining that gain for the last month or so. Interestingly enough, I have lost centimetres, but I have to say that doesn't cheer me up any. So what have I been up to?- A lot of stressing out over my daughter's behaviour(she's 14,say no more), I had my 25th wedding anniversary with a trip away to celebrate and working lots. What haven't I been up to?- Eating healthily, a little hiatus from working out(back on track now) Just spending some me-time! So what have I done-I am on a 2 week break from work, I have cut down my hours of work to be home a little more in the afternoons with my daughter, also to be able to fit in my exercise and get my house in order-I won't lie, it's not a great choice financially but you gotta do what you gotta do. Band wise -I have had a fill 2 weeks ago, which has been good, now working on the mental aspect, Winter is here in the southern hemisphere and it is not my best time!!I am disappointed with my progress this year so far but feel like its time to wake up and get the job done. So it will be back to Friday weighins with no excuses. I will leave it there today,feels great to be back, forgot how therapeutic it is to blog. I will just add some photos from my anniversary trip to Trinity Beach-Northern Queensland. :)
Yes I ate this!!


  1. Welcome back. Missed you.

  2. yay! Welcome back! Booo for winter! I totally relate to not loving that time of year.