Friday, 7 October 2011

Weigh In day-UGH!!

It has not been a good week-I don't really know why,I have been in a real funk and having trouble getting out of it. I have been on annual leave,so work is not an excuse. The kids are home on holidays and my oldest who is doing year 12 here(the last year of high school here) and has only got 3 more weeks till exams is driving me insane with the fact that I dont think he's studying enough. He is 18 years old and can legally drink etc and has been doing plenty of partying and late nights and although he is aware of the fact ,i'm not happy,I am trying not to turn it into a nagfest cos I think that that makes it all worse. So there it is, I wish I hadn't taken holidays this week, I have been stress eating and drinking and although I have done all my exercise, it was not pretty on the scale this am. I am back over the 100kg to 101 kg-a gain of 1.8 kg in a week!!!WTF! So I was going to skip my blog this week until I got myself under control but thought I need your support more than the thought of the embarrassment of the gain.. I am truly having a menopausal week,me thinks. I am also hungry(I think I am anyway)-I have a fill booked for next week-so should be a better week. I have done my bushwalk today-photo here of a strange encounter,
We never see koalas on the ground so I think its got to be good luck,don't you? I have been loving all the BOOBs reports and photos-I wonder if I could talk my husband into paying for me to go next year..... It will be a fairly quiet weekend for us ,so next time I blog I will be back on track, Have a good weekend everyone-I feel better all ready!!:)

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  1. I think it must be fat week or something. I seem to have found a kg I thought I'd lost! Hang in there, and identify a few simple things you can do to feel more in control.... I'll be with you in spirit trying to do the same thing.