Thursday, 27 October 2011


Hi I'm back- after 2 weeks of absence, I'm not sure why, but i just couldn't bring myself to blog.
I have missed blogging the last 2 weigh ins ,so I will bear the shame and tell you, I lost 100 gms last week,ok its a loss, and nothing at all this week! So I remain at 99 kg-19 kg down-I'm glad its not a gain, I'm not sure why I didnt lose this week, but perhaps next week will tell.

Last week was just busy with work, I have kept my workouts up, my eating is still a bit snacky in the evenings,but under control. I have had had lots of hayfever the last 2 weeks, and have felt quite tight at times-I had that .5mls fill 2 weeks ago. I'm not sure I like the feeling much and a few sliders have been eaten, so we'll see how it goes over the next couple of weeks.
This week, 2 of my friends have had traumas-one marriage breakup and one a death in the family, so I've been out nearly all evenings offering support. Have had 3 alcohol free evenings, so don't think the wine was the cause of the no weight gain.

Exercise is going well, did a 90 minute bikeride Sunday, walked for an hour Monday night, Gym wednesday am and treadmill and bike workout yesterday. Walking this afternoon.Trying to change it up a bit with the exercise as the Exercise physiologist who took our bandfit class stressed,that doing the same thing over and over again causes the body to plateau,so working on that.

I think I've been complacent-I feel so good from the amount of weight I,ve lost ,that I tend to lose the focus. I have done this before, I still have 24 kg to go, so I need to keep telling myself that, and think how good I will feel then!!

I've been a bit slack at reading blogs as well, so think I will concentrate on that,this afternoon after my walk-it has just started to pour with rain, so go away rain!!!

Ok now I will not disappear again, even if its just a few sentences, I will let you know I'm still alive . Have a good Friday...


  1. 100g is still great.

    loosing 100g here and there has added up to 11kgs for me over the last year.

    take it and run with it babes!

    congratulate yourself it's not 100g on!! LOL


  2. oh, and I cant comment on anyones blogs either so I have to click annonymous and then it will at least post. It's doing my head in too! If anyone finds out how to help feel free to post on my blog and tell me how! LOL

    x bunny x