Saturday, 5 November 2011

Amy's Ride..

Today my hubby I did Amy's ride-it is a bike to bring awareness to Amy Gillett who was training with a group of cyclists in Europe, when a car hit 5 or 6 riders and Amy was killed. They close one of our freeways and there are varying distances you can do. Stan and I thought we would do the shortest distance-25 km and then ride the 25km back to the car. The first 25km was fairly cruisy but I have to say the last 10 km of the return trip was a killer! I knew there were too many downhills on the way , but we finished and I am absolutely tired out-not one bit left in the tank!! It was the first time Stan and I had done an organised ride together-he's a mountain biker and scoffs at lycra wearing bikers, it was so much fun and we have decided we will do more together-he won't wear the lycra though, oh well i'm not sure I want him too!!

So for the first ride ever, I bought the bike top and wore it- a few rolls were showing but there were definitely worse off people than me there! So a true NSV for me today.Of course I took a photo and will post it here.Also one of Stan back at our house after the ride....


I didn't weigh on Friday as I had to work and went to the gym at 0630 and was dressed for the gym before I even thought about it being Friday.So saturday I weighed- and shock , I was 400 gm down to 98.6 kg, its a slow road but I was very happy with that, as I haven't been great with my eating and any loss is good at this point:)

So, I can't believe how quickly the weekend goes when you work fulltime-Yuk! Next weekend ,we are going to the beach,camping for 2 nights for a friends 50th birthday, should be fun, and i loooovvve to walk on the beach, so should get my exercise as well,also 2 of the girls are runners, so may have to join in with that!

We have had alot of stress at work ,this last week and I am shit with stress, eat more,drink more (I also exercise more,thank goodness!) So I'm psyching myself up, to not get involved and to react differently, and just think-3.5 days and its my weekend....We'll see how that goes.

So Hope everyone had a good weekend-and will catch up on my blog reading later tonight


  1. kudos to you for the bike ride! You look great in the shirt! I can so relate to your husband's feelings on Lycra (as a fellow mountain biker)!

  2. I remember hearing about that accident, just horrible. Great job and for a great cause!
    Love the pics.

  3. Well done and you look totally cute in the shirt!

  4. Great NSV and the pic of your husband is hilarious !

  5. Congrats on the NSV! Love the shirt.

  6. Not roll-y in the shirt at all, I think it's very flattering! Great job with your exercise lately, Miss Dani. You should be very proud of yourself. :)

  7. You look terrific! You're doing so well! I'm really amazed at how great you're doing/looking. Keep it up lady!