Wednesday, 16 November 2011

I did It!!!!!!

What did I do?- Ever since I have started riding last year, there has been a ride ,that I have been too scared to attempt- It starts with an 8km big hill! Well today, with the persuasion of a girlfriend, I did it, not fast but didn't have any breaks -55 minutes of going uphill...
I am well impressed with myself, there's no way I could have done this carrying another almost 20kg.

I have today off as I am going on a work trip to Melbourne tomorrow for 2 days- My business manager and I have won a grant to work with adult immunisations with migrants(ps don't tell anyone,is being announced tomorrow at a big GP conference) We are very excited, we get to go and be awarded the grant and then do ourselves some shopping and wining and dining.WooHoo!! Only negative is we are going at 6am ,so that means on the road at 4.30 am.Ugh!!

I am glad I am going-it will take my mind off the fact,that my son is going to "Schoolies"It is a three day festival of drinking and debauchery to mark the end of his High school years, There will be 3 thousand kids there-that poor little town...I know he will be alright but a mother can't help but worry...:)

I weighed today since I am away tomorrow-98.3 kg-a loss of 300 gms-its a slow road but at least I'm going in the right direction. I must measure again-I have had a lot of people comment on weight loss over the last few weeks- I think I must be toning up.

Well I better go and get packed ,I'm a little behind on my reading of blogs,but I will catch up ,I am taking my ipad with me so its a possibility.Have a good weekend everyone, Catch up next week......


  1. Both NSV and scale victory (who cares how long it's taking ... you're going in the right direction) ! Keep it up !

  2. Great job on the ride! Every time I ride a hill that i never could before its like a shot of motivation and pride in how far I have come. Way to go! Have fun on your trip !

  3. congrats on such a great accomplishment!