Wednesday, 23 November 2011

I am alive!!

I cant believe how long it has been since I blogged! Or read blogs-I have 140 entries to catch up on-I think its doable don't you?
Last week,I was away for work and it was full on,and when I got to my hotel room -I swear I was going to catch up on my blogs-I fell asleep -so much for enjoying the peace and quiet of being by myself....

I then had my nephew's 2 year old birthday party to help with and then it was back to work again-and now finally I have 3 days off-Thank goodness!!

This afternoon I had my 4th fill -.5ml in for a total of 6mls. I have only lost 1.5 kg since he last saw me, but 3cm around my waist and bum. I have been struggling with my eating-larger portions,heaps of snacking, lots of wine-and I fessed this all up to my doc-like the good little people pleaser I am. He said I was probably being too hard on myself,as I had still lost weight- He told me I was a "Medical Success"- and even though I have a long way to go, I have decided to believe him..-I even got offered a job as his practice nurse-nothing like a bit of a morale booster:)

I have had a bit of stress,it always seems like everything happens at once,or is it just how you percieve it? A good friend who is my age 48 yrs-had a stroke last week, although she is at home,she is not back to normal-It turns out she had a small bleed in her brain around the sensory area and although she can move everything,half her body is still either numb or pins and needles feeling.She is a trim athletic woman who has never had high BP or high cholesterol so it has been a shock to all of us.
Work is a little stressful-too many projects,too little time, need to really work full time but I know if I go in 5 days I will be working 45+ hours,and won't have time for my life:)

So all things to think about,my son survived "schoolies" here, a bit rundown when he got home, but now hopefully he will get a job until he needs to decide about University.

I am doing another organised ride on the weekend- a 35 km beach ride,looking forward to that,last year I did the 15km introductory ride,next year will do the 50 km hill ride.It's a girls only ride-so good fun and not at all intimidating.

Ok so I have weigh in ,in the am-I am on fluids tonight so just maybe there may be movement(of the scale kind ,anyhow!) Will catch you tomorrow-Have a good Friday everyone:)
Here's a photo of me and the kiddies-Lucas is wearing some clothes,by the way!!!

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  1. Great pic ! Yes, it does seem like everything happens at once. Listen to your doc - you're a success !