Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Getting it together!!!

I have been plateauing bigtime over the last 3 weeks and I have no one to blame but myself.
I have been snacking and drinking while eating, not taking my vitamins an generally not taking care of myself . The only good thing I have done is exercise.

Before I had my band ,this is how I was, except cos my portions were bigger I was piling on the weight.with the band,I have managed to hold my own in weight- but feel no motivation right now- how come I can stick to a fluid diet for weeks but can't seem to walk into my house without hitting the cupboards to graze??

So now, I'm going to get focussed,firstly vitamins-they are there,just eat them.Secondly -water drink it but not after I have eaten! Lose the snacking and if it's too hard ,lose the foods that are causing me to snack.

My son had his final exam today for high school, so is all done- I am relieved, I am over worrying about his study ( or lack of)we are out to dinner to celebrate tonight so will be good to relax.I have had a bit of work stress lately, so with these things and friends traumas( like a true nurse, everyone comes to me) I think that it has played a part in this lack of motivation.

I have kept up with all your blogs-I love reading them ,more than writing but I think it is beneficial to write how you're feeling.

I am going on a 50 km bike ride on Sunday so looking forward to that-for the first time I even bought the ride top so will post a photo after Sunday.

Ok must go so will let you know how I am doing tomorrow!!(must be more accountable)


  1. You know I've been wanting to snack in the evenings lately too, which is new to me. Normally after dinner I'm all done. So, I discovered the 100 calorie mini bags of popcorn and it helps! You might be surprised to see how well popcorn goes down with no problem. the kettle corn variety has a little sweetness to it.
    Give it a try!

  2. I've been having a plateau for a few weeks, too... thankfully, we know what's causing it and we can CHANGE it!

  3. You sound very motivated to get back on track, so I'm sure you will! Don't let stress get you twice...I know it is a struggle for me too.