Saturday, 16 July 2011

BYOC - Bring Your Own Crazy...

It’s Friday so that means it’s BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy!-This will be the first BYOC I have done, Thanks Drazil for the idea-and yes I know I'm late!!

1. Let’s do something crazy….I’m going to list the rainbow colors and you type the first FOOD item that pops into your head that symbolizes that color for you…’s mine:

Red - Spaghetti sauce and red lolly frogs..Oh and red wine!!!
Orange – Roasted sweet potato
Yellow – Cheese-Lately I have been having too much of this
Green – Spinach-I love baby spinach in a salad
Blue – Blue powerade-my son drinks it ,not me..
Purple – Blueberry yoghurt-looks purple here-go figure..
Brown – definitely coffee and lots of it.
Black – I can only think of licorice-haven't had any for years.

2. What is on your kitchen table right now?

There are 2 newspapers, various pamphlets, A Weight Watchers magazine of my mother's, an old radio that doesn't work well but my son won't let me throw out, a camera and my laptop-currently in use!

3. What movie do you watch again and again and again? Not like what movie have you seen 5 times…but like what movie have you seen 30 times or more?

I don't think I have one that I have watched 30 times but I have watched "Love Actually" a lot, also "PS I love you" a few times,"Lord of the Rings"-one of them- I particularly like-I like a big epic-I think it's cos I can be a drama queen myself.I don't like scary movies especially when stan (hubby )is away.

4. If Satan had a last name – what would it be?
I can think of a couple of patients of mine -but it would have to be the person who invented cheese and red wine!!

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blogland and in real life.

In Blogland-I have been a real slacko and not been blogging as much as I would like, and to my horror today I have lost a follower..AHH!! What does this mean-Am I on the way out???Next week , I am going to try harder to make more comments, cos I know how thrilled I am that somebody has bothered to comment on my blog.

In my real life- its been fairly flat and a bit dull-just running my son around and waiting for hubby and Emma to come home... I did buy a new scarf today and wanted to buy much more ,but don't want to spend too much to grow out of things(hopefully) within a month or 2- I will take a photo of my new scarf.
Anyway ,Have a good Saturday night,I'm off to friends for tea again, so will be good-Bye for now..


  1. I absolutely love Love Actually. :) As for PS I love you, I cannot get past the part where she calls his voicemail just to hear his voice again. It makes me cry and sob and wail every single time. I actually made my hubby put a voicemail together just in I could hear his voice again. So yeah, I've seen it once, but could never get through it again.

  2. I love the scarf! I've been a very slack blogger too... sometimes life gets in the way!

  3. I like your movie choices :o)