Sunday, 24 July 2011

Where have I been?

Hi all, its been a week since I blogged and not a great week! I have had the worst sinus infection, and am so totally over winter! Also have been working full time this week,so leaving the house at 0745 and not getting home most nights till 1830! Not seeing a lot of daylight! And most of all, my evening eating has been out of control-not to mention the wine intake!! So weigh in day was Friday and of course I put on 200 grams-I know ,not alot, but its the mindset which is the biggest worry. I have been good this weekend, but now I have been thinking what if one of those who this is not going to work for???!!!

I know-I have spent the weekend trying to boost myself up-How can I be so good and in control and then sabotage myself like I have been doing?
So I put on my runners and out I went for a good hill walk and now I feel more like onto a good week.

My husband and daughter came back from Canada on Saturday, its great to have them home,not as quiet although the washing has increased somewhat.
This week I am back to my normal work week, so should have time for afew gym visits and just more time for myself!

I have been catching up on all your blogs-I also had a virus for a few days(on my computer) I dont know where its gone- After I did a couple of scans it went away-thank goodness as I couldn't access anything on the internet.
I shall try and be a better blogger this week, I am sure my weight loss is directly proportional to my blogging regularity. I hope everyone has a good week ,Bye for now...


  1. Glad to see you back Dani! Shake off that small gain. :)

  2. Thanks for finding my blog...I'm following you now too!