Monday, 4 July 2011

Belated Weigh In..

It's now Monday night-where did that weekend go???
I haven't even done my Friday weigh in- well I was 106.4kg-Very happy with that-only 400 gms down but haven't felt deprived at all and the exercise still has to commence.So-11.6 kg down in total,who would have thought on April 7th when I went to my first consult that barely 3 months later I would be nearly 12kg down!!

On Saturday,I had to do canteen at my son's soccer game-now at his club, you only have to do this once a season ,but you are there from 10am till 5pm! All day ,I was serving steak sandwiches,hotdogs, hamburgers and donuts and I nearly forgot-the deep fried chips! I had a late breakfast and wasn't really hungry till about 3 pm- The two Italian ladies who run the canteen ,tried to feed me all day,it was a most mentally and physically exhausting day- I only succumbed to a couple of chips-which actually didn't go down that easily or well and a quarter of a hamburger patty. So Wow Score for me! I can't even tell you what I would have eaten before my beautiful band!

A friend helped me go through my closet on Friday-(there were no spiders ,thank goodness!)I got rid of 2 bags of clothes-most size 22,I am now an easy 20 and not for long.My closet is so neat,I can see what I've got, It gives me a whole new mindset when I go into my bedroom.So go me!!

I catch the bus to work about 50% of the time and being larger,I know that people tend not to sit near me until they have no choice-Well that is changing!! that is not a NSV-I think more of a NSL(non-scale loss)-I actually liked sitting by myself-nobody coughing or with too loud earphones, Oh well you can't win them all...

OK ,must go now-Happy 4th July to all you US girls,Keep on blogging!!


  1. I'm cleaning out my dresser drawers today! Feels good to let go of this stuff! Cleansing almost. Keep up the good work lady. I'm watching!

  2. Two bags ! That is wonderful ... how empowering. I think the canteen day was more like a little test and it sure sounds like you passed. Loved the little story how the Italian women wanted to feed you !