Friday, 15 July 2011

Where did the time go??!!

I just had a look at my blog and two things struck me-1.-I haven't blogged since last Sunday,Every night I check all the blogs I'm following ,so why haven't I been writing??!! and 2.-I have 27 followers! Wow, how amazing. You guys are the best!

Well today was weigh in day and yes I am down yet again, the first time I got on the scale this morning I was 104.3 kg-down 1 whole kilo-yehe! Then of course I had a coffee and had to weigh myself again and was up to 104.6 kg-Why would I do that??
Anyway I'm taking the 104.3kg- nearly 14 kg down. How great is this? I have to say that my eating has not been great this week, I find that I'm starting to nibble at night, and although I am a good little bandster all day-I am falling apart in the evening and having to truly restrain myself. We are in the middle of the coldest, wettest winter and I have no motivation to go out or do anything. I have 1 more week till my hubby and daughter come home and I think that might keep me more occupied in the evenings-Now just got to get through this week.....

I have my next appointment in 3 weeks, and it will be interesting to see if I get a fill. I feel quite tight until the evening, but it would certainly help , Oh well will work out it out closer to the fact.

I only got to the gym once this week,was a little sore around my port with the slow jogging I like to do for cardio and actually slowed to a walk(similar pace)
I will go back on Monday and see how it goes.

Well I am going to bed to snuggle with my electric blanket on, and will update on the weekend, Hope you all have a good weekend.


  1. Never weigh after eating! It's a mind-screw.

    And I wouldn't advise a fill if you're already super tight during the day. :( That's no bueno, lady. I would hate for you to be overfilled and start resorting to sliders - that'll definitely stall your weight loss.

  2. Oh, Ronnie beat me to the post - never weight yourself after ...well, after you weight yourself for the first and only time ! :)

  3. Great progress! I only weigh first thing in the morning - it's pointless otherwise!