Friday, 29 July 2011

Weigh In Day!

It has been a good day today- First the weigh in- After gaining 200 gms last week which put me at 104.5 kg, today i weighed in at 103.6-so nearly a kilo off Woohoo!!!So then before I could even talk myself out of it, I was off to the gym. It was great-it is so much easier to exercise nearly 15kg down-I must remember that when I'm procrastinating next time...Even the stretches are easier. Now my size 20's are all starting to get baggy,which shows I am due for a measure-I can't wait to shop in normal stores-not there yet though.
After that I cut the lawn,did washing ,housework etc and then went for an hour bushwalk with a friend-wow-2 exercises in 1 day!!

So all in all a great day off,and the weekend is still to come. We are going out to a friend's birthday dinner tomorrow night-it's at a restaurant and apparently we are having the degustation menu-I first thought I would say no and make an excuse ( she doesn't know I have a band) but then I thought I would go and enjoy myself-It will hopefully be not too hard to watch my intake,and a lot of these restaurants serve small portions-just have to watch the drinking!!!

Otherwise just going to enjoy having hubby and daughter at home and relax,the weather is going to be miserable as usual, so hard to get motivated.I have been reading all your blogs and love hearing what you are all up to- I can imagine its big fun when you all get together in Chicago- maybe one day...


  1. Congratulations on the weight loss and the exercise. You are doing great.
    We were banded around the same time and have lost right about the same amount. Isn't it great to be on this journey with all these band friends?. I think it is anyway.

  2. Sounds like you need some 18's! I about cried when I finally was out of the 20's!

    Hope you have fun at the dinner tonight - enjoy it! If anyone asks why you're not eating more than a few bites of anything say you're saving room for the next course! :)