Sunday, 10 July 2011

Sunday night!

Oh how did Sunday come so quickly??? I'll tell you how-my 18 yr old son didn't get home till 0315 last night and because Hubby is away I couldn't sleep till he got home! Spare me the social life of teenagers! So yes I got 4 hours sleep and then took that teenage son to his job at 0830!!!(He works at a coffee shop for 5 hours on Sundays) What we do for our children??

I have had a very social weekend-everyone wants to feed and take care of me since Stan(hubby) has been gone. I'm a little over it to tell you the truth,one more weekend then I can say "We are Busy!!" I know that sounds ungrateful but it is really interfering with my meal plans-too much wine,not enough exercise etc.

A skinny friend warned me today that the sabotage would start to rear it's ugly head as I am now noticeably thinner. And she is right-I went and saw a friend who has just had a hysterectomy(we are of the age!!) Well I informed her that not only had I had a hernia ,but had also had the lapband operation.Not 10 minutes after I had told her,her husband brought out cake for us to eat with our coffee, and my friend kept insisting I had the cake-give me a break -What bit about I am so desperate about my weight that I had surgery do you not understand!!!! And I had a sliver! What the F?

Ok I have forgiven myself and put it down to OK this is all new,it's a lesson! Now move on- I wish Stan was here to vent to...

So it's back to work tomorrow-I haven't really enjoyed work since I've been back I think I've been a little tired- so this week it's definitely back to the gym in the morning to try and increase my energy levels..

Ok Thanks everyone for your comments,-I just love to read them-and I have 25 followers Woohoo!! How exciting-Blogland is something else!!


  1. Great job on the loss ! Someone responded to my post about 'forced food' - wouldn't it be nice if you could just say 'no thank you' and then be done with it? A sliver is so much better than a slice so good for you !

  2. I don't understand why people won't just leave us alone when it comes to food pushing. "No, I'm sorry I don't care for any." should be good enough for anyone to back off. Great job on your loss!

  3. Congrats on your loss. I wish there was an easier way to prevent the sabotage from happening too!!!

  4. I'm a bit of a brute so I guess I don't struggle so much with pushing the plate back. I hear you though on the whole feeling of being desperate enough to have surgery to lose weight comment though. I'm there with you. I have told a couple people that exact thing when they've tried to get me to have a drink or do something naughty since surgery.

  5. That's really no good that you feel like your friend was trying to sabotage you, but don't feel guilty about eating cake... it's just about finding the balance of eating healthfully and just eating normally. :)