Friday, 19 August 2011

11 week Weigh in

Today is weigh in day- I am at 102.2 kg,so aloss of .5 kg last week,I will take it..
I love Fridays ,after my weigh in (and if I have lost!)It is my day off to catch up on life-I work out,and also do an hour walk later in the day, so feel good Friday night,ready for the weekend. Today I took my mum out second hand shopping-looking for clothing to tide me over as I shrink, It was a nice day-didn't buy much but had fun looking..

I love the feeling of having 2 more days off-don't have to go to bed early, can have a couple glasses of wine,catch up with friends and read all the blogs I follow.Now if the sun would just come out....
Have a good weekend everyone:)
Thought I would add a photo of my friend Karen who walks with me every Friday,and this is where we walk


  1. That looks like a lovely place to walk!! Peaceful and serene! I am thrilled that you have a walking buddy - makes a long walk seem sooo much shorter when it is shared!

  2. That place is beautiful. I'd love to have a place like that to go for a stroll!

  3. wow ... there are no waterfalls around here ... and boy do they look beautiful !