Thursday, 25 August 2011

Bandfit Class..

So last night I went to my first class of Bandfit- It's a 6 week program the surgeon who did my band offers, to do with increasing your fitness level and toning the flabby bits.

I arrived at the class-there were 12 of us there(supposed to be 17 ,but a few no shows).after filling out disclaimer forms(that had me worried!!) we all learnt how to take our pulses and recorded our pre course heartrate.It was all fairly basic,but geared to a totally novice exerciser.Then we had to do a 6 minute test on how many laps of a 10 meter area we could do, most walked,I and another girl jogged,and I was stuffed at the end!(I always exercise in the mode-go hard or go home_)We will be doing this agin at the end to compare laps. Then we did a 20 minute aerobic workout to teach us how to get our heartrates up without needing equipment, took our heartrates, did 30 minutes of floor work and stretches. Our homework is to do at least 2 more sessions this week of cardio-heartrate above 60% for at least 20 minutes and stretches following. The exercise physiololgist was really into using our heartrates as guides to monitor our fitness.Anyway it should be interesting-we are doing different things for each of the sessions-I think the next one is using exercise bands,then pilates,upper body workout and then lower body workout. I was happy I got a decent workout,as I had skipped mine in the morning. So all good-I can go early before 2 of the classes to make up the 2 I will miss and she will give me a one on one session.

Didn't get much time to chat to the other ladies,only 1 man, They were all pretty much banded around the same time as me -end of May,beginning of June.Only 1 lady said she had lost 20 kg-impressive and everyone else went quiet, They said they had found the banding more painful than they had thought it would be-which I didnt, but other than that it was full on exercise.
Cece,I know our system is different to yours- My band was covered by private health insurance-there was a gap of about $3000 including anaesthetist's fees,this includes the bandfit course,3 dietician visits,all your fills/unfills and any other consults for other reasons,and also some lifestyle coaching-3 sessions,haven't had that yet,24 hour emergency service,clinic nurse support and some educational material( lapband book )It's called the Circle of Care program (in Australia).

Now to weigh in today-I am now at 101.6 kg so aloss of .6kg for a total of 16.4 kg or 36 pounds ,so all good-I had a big weekend last weekend so I'm sure I lost more than that-to get the excess off as well, I only have 2.5 weeks till I go away, need to get below 100kg by then, so will have to watch the weekend binges.I was thinking the other day, I don't feel like I have lost that much since preop diet, but when I worked it out, I have lost nearly 11 kg(24lbs) since then,so it is working..Why do I have these doubts???

I am about to go on my weekly walk-up to the waterfall that was in the photo last time-this time we are taking a different path and will end up above that waterfall-I feel the ache coming on already!!!

Ok so everyone have a great weekend


  1. Jogging?? Never heard of it ... lol ... good for you ... believe me, I'll be singing from the rooftops if I ever 'jog' :)

  2. Enjoy the walk at the waterfall. That sounds so nice.

  3. You are doing so well!! One thing that helps me is to remember that this is a process! It will come and it is work but never as quick as we would like!

  4. Wow!! Great job jogging at your first class! I'm so proud of you!

  5. You're doing terrific! I think I'm going to get in touch with my friend who is a private pilates instructor and bribe her with booze to help me learn some things. she likes booze... I like booze... maybe this isn't such a great pairing! lol

  6. Awesome, Dani! Glad you have this resource. :)