Friday, 5 August 2011

First Fill!!

It is weigh in day today! Last week I weighed in at 103.6 kg, today I am up 100gm to 103.7 kg. It hasn't been a great week eating wise(also drinking wise) but I have been to the gym 3 x and worked out at home twice, so I will take the gain and know that next week I will lose that and more...

I have been very hungry this week-I think its a combination of upping the physical activity and needing a fill-I felt like I was in bandster hell most evenings and have been nibbling quite a bit before and after meals!!
So luckily today was my appointment and I got my first fill.My surgeon weighed me and the scale there said I had lost about 2 kilos in the last month-I was wearing heavy jeans and boots etc. As soon as I said I was hungry and struggling the last couple of weeks,she said definitely fill time.So I have a 12cc band and got 4cc's today. She had to manouvre a bit to find the centre of the port, but I could feel restriction as soon as she injected the water, So all good,I drank some water and off I went.And have not been hungry since so Yeh!!!I was told I should probably do fluids for next 24 hours, but it was up to me really and how I feel.

I have done a treadmill workout and an hours bush walk today so am feeling good. I met up with a friend for coffee,who hasn't seen me since banding but knows about it and she was very excited for me.She also has weight issues and is doing Weight Watchers and has lost about 7 kgs so looked well and happy.I am meeting her in Sydney in 6 weeks for a girls' week of shopping etc so we both set goals to reach by then. I definitely want to be under 100 kgs by then-that is about 4 kilos to lose-very doable ,I think.

I'm sorry Ronnie,I know I chickened out of putting my weight on the last post-it was 105kg there its all out in the open!!!

Last night I had my book club,so nibbles and drinks ,(which didn't help the weigh in today!!)2 people out of the 6 people knew about the band,one of the woman who didn't said,so tell us about your diet plan-as they watched me inhaling wine and soft cheese,I took about 10 seconds,thought about Lapband Gal's post and told everyone else.Well that stopped those chatty girls for a bit. Anyway it was a relief and easier to do than I thought, so yeh me!

Well I'm going to go and read all your blogs, you are a very inspiring lot-I always feel more motivated after reading them. Hope your weekend is relaxing-I have my daughter's soccer at 0740 tomorrow am-WTF!!!!
So definitely quiet night in tonight..Bye for now:)
This is a picture of me after my treadmill workout today-note the saggy face!!Age and weight loss-not a good combo!


  1. Looking good Dani! Have you eaten since your fill? Let me know how it goes for you. I'm getting back on my exercise regimen this weekend. I had turned my ankle about 2 weeks ago and needed to let it heal up a bit. I think I'm ready to get back in the saddle though.

  2. I wish my doctor would have just given me 4cc and got it over with!! I think 4 kilos in 6 weeks is a very good goal!

  3. I think your goal is a very good one.
    I wish I had a book club around me. If I could I would fly to Australia and join yours.

  4. Hehe, glad you posted it. You'll feel better when you look back on this in a year and are 70 kg. :)

    You look great, and I'm glad the first fill went well!

  5. I think your goal is very achievable! You can do it! So proud of your exercise this week too!

    Also - thanks for sharing your story about the reveal at book club. There are still times when I wish I had told people, but it feels too late to tell people now. Almost like lying by omission. Good for you on your decision.

  6. Hi Dani - thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm looking forward to reading yours from the beginning. Sounds like you are doing really well so far!