Wednesday, 31 August 2011

2nd Fill!!

It has been a disappointing week for me- I have eaten and eaten like I never had a band!! WTF?!

It started with the weekend-too much socializing-read too much wine! again-will I never learn,and then I have just been nibbling non stop-and as you know the band is quite forgiving on the nibbling front. I am absolutely dreading the weigh-in, and as I have just got home from my 2nd fill,I know there is reason too! I lost the grand total of 1kg over the last month according to their scales!! So I had 1cc added, for a total of 5cc in my band-I can feel it,and am going to stick strictly to fluids for 24 hours at least.

Well I am now going to make myself sweat on the treadmill,exercise is the one thing I have done right this week- So will let you know how the dreaded weigh in goes tomorrow-thought about skipping it but no, I have to pay the price of public shame.....


  1. Make sure you do stick to fluids and mushies like they say. I learned the wrong way this last fill and it took me a while to step up. I kept trying to eat and I was still swollen!

    Have a fab work out! :) Keep up the good fight!

  2. I don't think the weigh-in will be as bad as you imagine, especially if you've been working out. :)

  3. No public shame here. We all have those weeks. At least you see it and are making adjustments.

  4. Yep, seeing the problem is the big part of moving forward. I get that though, I had a cookout at my house a few weeks ago. My eating was horrible the rest of that week. :) You'll get through it!