Monday, 1 August 2011

Back at the gym!!

I finally think Iam back at the gym in my head-sounds weird,but I used to really enjoy going to the gym,but since my banding have had a really hard time getting motivated- I have been going once a week, but have had twinges of soreness in my port region which has put me off doing things I like to do at the gym-like cardio stuff. But after going Friday, walking on the weekend and to the gym at 0630 this am, I feel like I'm really enjoying it again.

Saying that, my weekend for eating and drinking was not so good. Went to a great dinner on Saturday night-apart from too much wine, didn't eat too badly.
But then came Sunday with a little bit of a hangover-and of course you always feed a hangover-where's my band when I need it????!!!
I went to bed quite uncomfortable-but at no time did I feel any restriction whatsoever! In retrospect,it was probably nowhere near as bad as pre band binging. But silly me got on the scale this am, and it was not good-I'm not going to report the number, cos its not the right day-so there!!!

Anyway, I'm not too down about it all, Friday I have an appointment-?my first fill-I do feel like I need it-I am tired of restraining myself from overeating and remember the first month when I had good restriction(from swelling,no doubt)and didn't think about food non stop.

I went and bought a new top to wear Saturday night and it was a clingy fabric-its amazing how confident I felt wearing it, Imagine how it will feel when I have lost 50% of my weight if it feels so good now!!Just got to keep focussed and remember that....

Ok must go, but hope you all have a good week-Oh by the way,loved reading about all those different flavors of icecream that you all have in the States,you girls have got willpower!!!! :)


  1. Dani, I drank like a teenager on Saturday night and spent all Sunday in bed. Only my trip turned out to be the opposite of yours, not able to eat at all even if I wanted to. I'm down nearly 4 pounds because of it. Hell of a way to lose it, but I'm thankful (I think...). I'm sure I'll be crying again in a day or so about the fact that I've rehydrated and gained the weight back. I need to get back on the good foot with my walking and such again. Keep at it girl! It's your turn to inspire me to work out!

  2. Dani, Good job getting to the gym. I really have not gone back since I was banded either. I had to take 6 weeks off and lost my routine. I do go to exercise classes three times a week though. I need to get my butt up earlier on the other two days and work out.
    Isn't it fun to wear things and feel good about it?? I forgot that feeling over the last 10 years. Remember, nothing tastes as good as thin feels.

  3. Ohh good luck with the first fill!! You are doing great btw...this is always a tough time and good for you for getting the gym in!

  4. Oh, Dani - I want to be like you and like going to the gym ... one day (and soon, I hope !)

  5. LOL, come onnnn, I gave my number!

    Glad you're starting to enjoy the gym again! And good luck with your fill on Friday. :)