Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Fill day.

So after making my return blog last Friday,its now nearly been a week since I blogged.
The week has had its good points-I rode my bike to work 3 times,very enjoyable,great way to destress and nothing like getting your exercise in ,without taking too much extra time in the day. If its one thing I am,its time poor ,especially for the first 3 days of the week when I work 10 hour days!!
On the other side of the coin-my eating has been truly deplorable,felt like using a long word there.
In the evenings,I have literally stuffed myself silly-am I compensating cos of my no alcohol February?? Yes I certainly think that is part of it- I need to keep moving in the evenings-no plonking in front of the tv,watching and eating my way through Biggest Loser!!

So today was fill day-wait for it,I had gained 2 kilos -I haven't been weighing myself at home as my scale is a little erratic and why would I-I may have to face the facts for a change.
Anyhow, the doctor said "dear,dear it's ok"-I think I needed some sterner words personally, and then gave me another 1ml in my band.So feels fine at the moment-have only had water since, I really hope I can feel some good restriction, I have never Pbed and can eat totally anything,like bread etc. I did have some good restriction before Christmas so hopefully that's where I will be again.It's time to get on with this....

Tomorrow is my day off- I have a coffee planned and getting my eyes checked-I am of the age where things are going downhill in that department,maybe I can get some groovy glasses, that will help with my squinting etc. I am going to buy some more bike riding gear-no not lycra-just baggy shorts ,as I have been washing nearly every night as well and some rain gear.

Anyhow still haven't caught up on my reading,will start again tonight,can't wait to read what everyone has been up to:)


  1. Groovy glasses rock! Yay for bike commuting to work. Check out shebeest bike clothing. They have baggy cute knickers , that's what I wear, Lycra is the devil to me! Totally get you on replacing wine with eating crap! I am so guilty of that too. But yesterday I found out that making the hard decision one moment at a time is like Popeye and his spinach! Just saying no turns me into Super Bandster! Unstoppable in the face of chocolate! Haha! I'm off for a fill shortly too..much needed!

  2. Awesome job getting that exercise in and staying with dry February! Only 18 more days!