Friday, 17 February 2012

Weigh In Day!

Yesterday was my weigh in day- 97.4 kg- a loss of .4 kg. It was more earlier in the week, but I had to sabotage myself of course, and hence the small loss.

I rode to work 3 x this week,and walked x 1, so all good on the exercise front.
Wednesday ,the start of my downfall- it was the 3 year anniversary of my dad passing away.We had my mum over for some take in Thai food and I have to say I gutsed my self silly!!
Thursday, ate the leftovers.
Friday-made my kids some sausage rolls and had to sample while I was cooking.Also bought some winegums-(this dry February is killing me,even buying lollies with the word wine in them!!)
Saturday-today, finished wine gums!!
OMG-just get out of the house!! I am really flat today, can't get motivated to do too much at all.Just looked outside, to see hubby skipping(with a rope), Daughter has played basketball already,son is at soccer and then there is me!!A big sloth -ok ,Now I have made myself blog, I am going to do something with my life.
Thank goodness, I have good restriction at present,so hopefully can regain my control soon.
I am doing a 40km ride in the hills tomorrow with a group, so at least tomorrow should start off well.
I am still alcohol free, totally over it-next year I am definitely not doing February, too hard in Summer and lots on around town, that I am feeling really deprived at present. Just goes to show how much I must be relying on the booze to relax etc.

Ok will post this-just needed to vent and get out of my funk, This has definitely helped,have a good weekend all:)


  1. We are so alike. Why do we sabotage ourselves?

  2. You are kicking butt on the exercise. Giving up booze in the summer? Yikes! That's like not drinking through the holidays! You are hard core. I'm trying to forego the wine myself these days.