Friday, 10 February 2012

New Scale..

A quickie to update my weigh in results from Friday- now at 97.8 kg- my lowest was 96.9kg before Christmas so I'm nearly back there.
I also have bought myself a new scale as mine was all over the place, all adding to my increased motivation.
I'm back eating after my fill on Thursday , I can feel a little difference in restriction,so combined with my riding hoping to drop some serious weight now.
We have 10 fourteen year old girls to dinner tonight for my daughters birthday, so must get up and going,laying in bed writing this,how decadent.
Alright hope everyone has a good weekend :)


  1. Thanks for the comment. Didn't realize I wasn't following you. Hope the party went well. Been there with all the girls for a birthday party. Seems like both of us are seeing some goodness out of our fills. It is such a fickle thing finding that perfect sweet spot.

  2. Hope you're having a great weekend, hope the night with the young ladies went smoothly! lol

  3. Hope you had a fun time with all those girls :o) and glad to see the scale is treating you well!

  4. Good lord- all those teenage girls. I hope it went well.