Thursday, 30 June 2011

1 Month down!!

Well its actually 1 month and 2 days so I am officially back onto solids or real food! Yeh!! I think, anyway.

Today I had my post op check with my surgeon,and an appointment with the dietician-have I told you how cute he is? All good -was very impressed with my weight loss-I don't know about their scale but it said 106.3 kg Woohoo! better than mine has said Oh well will weigh on tomorrow and compare.I am so happy-I am having a few fearful moments about whether this will continue or whether I will self sabotage like I usually do around this time! No that is so not going to happen- it doesn't feel the same-I don't feel deprived and now the exercise begins...
I could have had a fill today,they said but since I had lost well and am not really getting hungry in between meals, they will leave it for now.I have another appointment in 1 month, so we shall see then.

I did have a little hiccough in the week,I scratched one of my little wounds in my sleep and when I woke up it was oozing yuccy stuff-(sorry I am a nurse,though)Must have been just brewing there, anyhow one of the perks of being a practice nurse got an on the job consultation and some antibiotics, so now drying up nicely.

I bought some more pants-just casual chino type ones-they were mega cheap and my arse is drooping in most of my jeans ,still size 20 here,I am definitely not buying anymore until I am a size 18! I work right in the middle of the city centre ,so I often take a walk around the shops at lunchtime- and I have to admit I am truly a shopaholic.My poor husband...

So its Thursday night here, my son is at soccer practice,so I am sitting here doing my favorite thing-catching up with everyone's blogs and of course writing my own.I love everyone's writing style-I feel like my blogs are a little dull but I shall perservere and try and make something exciting happen!!

Not the best photo-but the ones I want I am difficulty loading! Blogging is a steep learning curve- Thanks for your comments xxx

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  1. Congrats on 1 month in and for solid foods! Yay you!