Friday, 2 September 2011

A New Day...

Thank you so much for the supportive comments, I can't believe how much it helps and how excited I get over comments!
So it's weigh in day , and as I had thought a weight gain today -but only 0.5 kg so i am now at 102.1 kg,I have to say thank goodness for that fill yesterday-just needed something to break the eating cycle...

Just to let you know I did thrash it on the treadmill yesterday,I'm actually a little stiff today-I had to skip my bandfit class last night (I am doing a makeup class-don't worry)to get my hair done-I know that sounds trivial but I have to book my hair appointments about 6 weeks ahead,so couldn't cancel-no way!
My hairdresser was most impressed with my weight loss,and of course asked me how I was doing it-I said portion control and working out which is all true-didn't feel the need to explain any further and felt good about it.

So I have a big task ahead-2.1 kgs in 1.5 weeks,before my trip-we'll see how it goes,it's funny, I don't feel as thin as I did 2 weeks ago(roughly the same weight)-I think I must be adjusting to my size maybe-and its probably a good thing cos I was pretty complacent there for the last couple of weeks.

It is the second day of spring here, a gorgeous day,so I am going to get my walking shoes on and get out there, Have a good weekend everyone:)
My haircut is pictured here-I seem to be going shorter,the more weight I lose!!


  1. The haircut looks great, your face looks so slim. :)

    And great job on getting your workout in even though you had to skip your class!

  2. Hair is definitely priority and yours looks great !

  3. I've been saying when I get to goal I'm going to cut my hair short. I love this cut you have!!