Monday, 26 September 2011


Scuse the french but truly I am such a nutcase- After having a great weighin Friday-I have self sabotaged for the rest of the weekend!! Too much bloody wine and therefore lots of nibbling-where is my head?? And of course,because I was a little hungover this morning missed the gym-its just a huge cycle! Alright its done and I'm moving on-have eaten well today-probably helped that I am still queasy from the vino. I will go to the gym tomorrow am-(I usually never go on a Tuesday) Wednesday-gym again-run for 30 mins Thursday- Walk up the hill Friday-Walk up the hill So its here on paper-this is my solemn vow-also drink water at least 3 bottles tomorrow-and stay away from the scales till Friday since I can't be trusted not to react to them!! OK now bring on the week....


  1. Okay so you know you slipped! Today is a new day! Wine is ALWAYS my down fall!

  2. Good job getting back on the horse. Sometimes it's a hard place to stay.

  3. It's okay. Really. We all fall off the wagon from time to time. The trick is to get back up and keep going.
    Do not let a bump in the road stop you. You are way too wonderful of a person to let a bad day or two get in your way.