Friday, 30 September 2011

First Goal!!!

Finally I did it!! Today I weighed 99.2 kg-under the 100kg mark, can't believe it.. For me this was huge-I think I have been sabotaging the last few weeks so this week I have focussed and I am estatic with the result. So I have now lost 18.8 kg or 42 pounds -my next goal is to lose 21.5kg to make my half way there mark-so nearly 3 kgs to go!! Last night I had my last band fit class,we did a kinda beep test at the first class and again last night at class number 6, I had really improved,so very happy with that too. And then after I weighed this am-i went with a friend to a normal jeans store and bought some size 16 -can you believe it size 16 Levis-ok so they are snug to say the least,but wow-Rock my world!!! Anyhow ,they are being hemmed-cutting off half the leg length I think, so won't be able to wear them till next week! I am really a jeans girl so thought it was worth the expense and they will last me a while, they were snug!!! So just a huge amount of victories for me this week, what a great decision it was for me to get this band!!! I know I keep using exclamation marks but that is how I am feeling... Now I know you are alll getting ready for BOOBS -hope you have a fantastic time and have a drink for me, cant wait to hear all about it...:) Have a great weekend:)


  1. Congrats on the new jeans - enjoy them !!

  2. Great work! I am so pleased for you!