Thursday, 8 September 2011

Weigh In Day!

OMG today I stepped on the scale and it was 100.9 kg-1.2 kg down over the week-Yeh! Finally a whole kg- For me this is a slow process, but as long I'm edging towards the goal,I am content!

Last night was bandfit class-we did pilates-so a little sore in the abdomen today. It was good ,everyone was a little more relaxed and talkative . I was talking to one woman who had been banded in June and had lost 21 kg -wow-and she was disappointed it wasn't more!!Interesting,I never imagined this would be a quick fix-What did this lady think and how did she get this idea?
I will talk more with her in 2 weeks and find out more...

So I am officially on holidays now,Yee ha!! My birthday is on Monday-we are having an afternoon tea/drinks on Sunday and I am having lunch on Monday with my Mum and a friend,then Tuesday flying to Sydney!! Can hardly wait-6 nights on my own-no offence to my family but I really feel like a break- I am staying 2 nights with my brother who lives innercity and 4 nights at a hotel and a friend of mine from Queensland is coming down-Lots of shopping, talking and catching up,my own little BOOBS I guess!

I have been on my walk this am ,about 1.5 hours in Morialta Falls near us(3 minutes by car,20 minutes walk) so feel good, and ready to start the weekend..
i think I may have lost a follower-I'm sure it's cos I feel like my writing is boring and find it hard to blog more than once or twice a week-I do read blogs most nights in bed though which will hopefully be made easier soon as I am angling for an ipad-I will see how much I spend in Sydney firstly..

So hope you all have a great weekend-your blogs have helped me so much and really are my greatest support with this band. So please nobody else leave me-Was that pathetic or what??

Next time I blog I will be 48 years old and hopefully a little lighter,Bye for now:)


  1. Happy Birthday to YOU!! Enjoy your weekend - you look absolutely fantastic!

  2. Happy birthday, you look great.
    I won't leave ya and you are not boring. Great job on the loss.

  3. Happy Birthday! You're doing great!