Monday, 12 September 2011

Happy Birthday to Me!!!!

So I told ya,here I am 48 years old and still feel like I'm in my 20's-ok maybe 30's but you get the picture. It's all about how you feel and how you act, I figure. I have had agreat day day so far,1.5 hour walk to my favorite waterfall this am, then lunch out with my mum and friends and then I'm off to dinner with the kids and Stan.

For my gifts I got lots of cash-Off to Sydney tomorrow to see a girlfriend and my brother. Work sent me some flowers-Very nice and I got a few lovely little knickknacks from my friends! So very spoiled, and looking forward to the next week away!

We had a birthday drinks for all my friends yesterday-we do this every year and I always lose the plot halfway through the morning-cleaning and cooking nibbles and generally getting stressed and I say every year "there's no way I'm doing this next year!!" So yesterday,after I had finally cracked-I put down my cooking utensils and said "that's it ,I'm on the treadmill" (I have a treadmill in our spareroom) And I jogged for 26 minutes straight -3km without stopping!! Previously I have been jogging for 3 minutes ,walking for 2 minutes etc. So go me!! 48 years old -who knew I could run?? And after I was on such a high-I forgot I was cranky,finished all the cleaning etc and had agreat day-if not a little too much wine??!!
So the power of exercise wins again. I am truly addicted now.

In fact I'm thinking I could just about fit in 30 minutes right now, so maybe I will go and do that. have a good week everyone-Cece,I hope you find your pool, there has to be an option somewhere. Robyn-you must be missing Cat-I know we are in blogland, sorry you missed catching up with your daughter, Ronnie-I just loved the leopard print dress, you young thing!
will try and blog while I'm away-but definitely wont be weighing!!
Here is a photo of some of the healthy food I prepared...and my birthday flowers.


  1. Happy Birthday! Love that running turned your day around! Have a great trip!

  2. happy birthday lady!! Beautiful flowers!

  3. Happy Birthday. Isn't it great to feel like we are getting younger on our birthdays.
    So great that you are running stonger, longer, and harder.
    And yes, I did miss my Cat.

  4. have a wonderful birthday! Glad it is turning out to be a good one :)

  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Seriously, birthdays are my favorite day of the year. I am so glad you're getting addicted to exercise. That's so awesome.

  6. Happy Birthday!!! Sounds like a terrific birthday!

  7. Happy birthday, lady!

    26 minutes? You put me to shame! :)

  8. Happy Birthday !! I celebrate the whole month :)

  9. Happy Birthday. Looks like we're both Virgo. Mine is Saturday.