Wednesday, 21 September 2011

I'm back...

Well after a fantastic week away, I'm back and having worked 3 days feel like I never left!! No, that's not true-I still feel renewed enthusiasm for work ! I had the best time in Sydney-spent 2 days with my brother and then 4 days with an old friend, staying in a posh hotel on the harbour. Oh ,that's the life for me!! I'm sure I was really rich in another life. I did so much while I was there activity wise- wow you just gotta love the extra energy you have have when you've lost some weight! I was nuts! Did a 2 hour walk pretty much as soon as I got off the plane, the next day did a 2 hour coastal walk and then walked the city centre all afternoon shopping. Walking slowed down a bit when my friend Lorraine arrived-she has a totally bunged knee and although she can cycle ,can't walk for any distance. So we signed up and did a 4 hour cycle tour of the city and harbours , managed to get to the gym all the other days, in fact I was a little weary at the end of the trip. My friend is also trying to lose weight ,so we weren't really bad with our eating-My portions were a little large-no eating between meals though but we did have a few wines-didn't wreck ourselves though. So the question on your lips-did I gain- well yes and no-before I left and after my last weigh in ,I had gained about 500 gms-the weekend was my birthday celebration and I wasn't particularly good, when I got back , I was the same-so happy with that and will weigh tomorrow am as normal. i will put some photos on of my trip- I have 98 posts to read from you all!! so lucky my hubby has had to go away for work and after bandfit class tonight ,I will attempt to catch up... Can't wait to catch up with all your lives-now I'm back, I need to get serious and drop some kilos, I have 1kg till under 100 kg and three and a half till my halfway mark! Oh did I mention ,the seatbelt fit easily on the plane and although the seat wasn't roomy I could move around a little-I can't even imagine how great it will feel, in say 10 kilos time. I also bought a few pieces of clothing-a sporty jacket from the GAP and a couple of tops-still hesitant about my bottom half-didn't try on much in the way of pants. Well must go and add some photos-will post again after my weigh in tomorrow -no matter what !!
I am the one in the green tshirt-not great of me-but look at the scenery!!
View of one of Sydney's beautiful beaches...It was a great walk which went by about 5 different beaches!


  1. Way to incorporate exercise into your vacation. Those are beautiful photos !

  2. ooh, I'd love to be on that beach right now! Welcome back.

  3. Also, my butt would have been sitting on that beach! Love it! Great pics.