Monday, 6 June 2011

1 week down!

A week ago today I was in the middle of my surgery, wow can't believe it the time has just flown.-Mainly 'cos I love just lazing around catching up on my shows,blogs and reading.I still have a week off-amazing huh? I know you US bandees seem to go back to work within the first week following,so I do feel like a lazy muffin! Oh well Dr's orders and all...

I'm fairly comfortable now ,occasional gas issues and bloatedness, but all good with my wounds.I am going to drive for the first time today,so getting my independance back.I have to say ,although I'm not hungry at all, I would love to chew something-one more week of fluids and then mushies Yeh!!
I have decided that I will have a glass of wine on the weekend, if all is well-I am a  big wine drinker unfortuneately, so this has been a big lifestyle change so far for me.

Looking forward to being able to exercise again-not for 3 more weeks though-have done a couple of short walks-more for gas relieving purposes than exercise though-aren't you glad you read that!

Anyhow tried to comment on a blog but couldn't do it-I am very new at this so need to work on this-also my blog design-I do love mountains-we used to live in Calgary near the Rockies, so may keep the background. Ok,as i'm waffling on now I will go and relax on the couch...

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  1. Hi Dani, we are only like a week apart in banding dates, it will be interesting to share the ride. Strap yourself in...away we go! We are the same age as about that?
    Anyway, good luck, i will be keen to see how you go,