Friday, 24 June 2011

What a week?!

I have been a bad blogger this week-so this is what its like being back at work normal hours...Ugh I also had to get up and take Emma and Stan to the airport Thursday morning at 5am(yes the volcanic ash cloud lifted just in time) to fly to Canada for a month-Lucky them!! By Thursday night-after i had picked up my son from soccer at 9pm-i was exhausted,aching and definitely over life! Thank goodness I have today off, trying to take it a little easy today-my achey stomah-it felt muscular freaked me out a bit, but is 90% better today,so I'm sure it was due to the long work days-I also have a cough which I'm now on antibiotics for-which certainly didn't help matters.

I am off out to lunch today,one of the people knows of the band and the other doesn't-it really is my first meal out so I am a little nervous ,hopefully there will be some soup or risotto ,something fairly mushy anyway, I will report back as I don't think I will get this finished.

Hi I am back-I had scrambled eggs for lunch,ate half the serve-was probably too much and now I feel queasy-I think thats it today for food for this girl! It seemed a bit of a waste of money,I have to say,but at least the company was good.

I can't believe still how little I have to eat to fill me up!
I know they tightened my hiatus hernia-the surgeon told me it would feel very tight,so I wonder if that adds to the effect of the band.

I have made Friday ,weigh in day and today I was 106.8 kg(24 lbs) down from beginning of preop diet,I was about 112 kg at surgery time,.So all good still going in the right direction .

I don't have too much planned over the weekend, running my son around and catching up on some housework etc, weird without the others,I intend to relax and will be good to spend time doing things I want to do without consulting others.Yeh! will do another update when feeling a little more energy-have a good weekend everyone-Up to 17 followers despite being AWOL this week-So thanks for all the support.

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  1. The small amounts to satisfy me are what make me love my band the most!