Thursday, 9 June 2011

Missing in action...

Hi I'm back- title is misleading ,no action here.

Last night,just before I went to bed, I felt nauseated- I have avoided a few of my family since having this done ,as they all seem to have colds,flus etc. so why did I bother-slept badly,thinking what if I have to vomit??!!
Anyhow made it through the night ok,have tolerated some fluids this am-just feel wiped out-probably from lying awake worrying !

Suture lines are a bit itchy, but ok-the woes of being a nurse-i check them 5 x a day. The scale is still moving downward- about 9kgs off this am- woohoo!

We have a long weekend starting tomorrow- will have a few outings ,then its Tuesday-2 weeks banded and my post op check-also the start of mushies YEH!-its terrible when you look forward to your chewable multivite just to get that chewing sensation..

I have ordered some band friendly meals from the internet-supposed to be the correct portions etc-just to get a feel for the size I should be having. My DH(who is Canadian) and daughter are going back to Canada for a month starting June 23rd-so my son who is 18 and I will be baching it together-so thought if he wasn't in ,the meals would be easy.
I have to say even though I will miss them both-I'm glad to have a break from raising a gorgeous 13 yr old girl who looks 16+ and wants to do everything that a 16yr old would be allowed to do. Ah,parenting...

My mum has just been over and vaccumed for me-she's very good to me-doesn't quite understand why I have had the surgery-thinks I look too thin already-at 109kg do you mind ?!

Work has rung me a couple of times for various things,I am back there on Wednesday ,I'm quite looking forward to having some normalcy(is that a word?) back in my life.

Was absolutely thrilled and amazed to see all my followers-I have been checking out all your blogs and once again its great to have the support.
Signing off for now.

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  1. Hope you are not coming down with the flu, that would not be fun, especially as you are nearly going back to work. Enjoy the long week-end :o)