Friday, 10 June 2011

Feeling good..

Well today is a new day and after the best night's sleep ,I feel renewed.

I have just been out and watched my son play soccer and now home for some soup-only 3-4 days till mushies-I can tell my appetite is returning now,but still doesn't take too much to fill me up for a short period. I keep look longingly at every thing that people around me are eating. The foods that I ordered over the internet arrived at 7am this am-lucky DH got up to get the door, so the containers don't look too small, so I am set.

I find that I am colder now -?'cos I have lost some weight or ?am I getting enough nutrients. I was a hot flush girl-(age 47 yrs)so was used to being like a furnace and the flushes seem to have disappeared for the moment.Is that a NSV?

I do have a NSV , My DH says I am not snoring anymore!!! Now I don't know if this is 'cos I'm not drinking or 'cos I've lost weight or a little of both but really who gives a toss,I'll take it!

My jeans are baggy-they are size 22 -not so much around the waist though-still a bit of swelling going on, I think, so now I need to go through the abomination that is my closet and sort out the various sizes. It's been so long since I've been through it, I'm sure there are spiders in there(remember Australia..)so need my DH nearby for the rescue mission ...I have a phobia about spiders in case you hadn't guessed and therefore probably living in the wrong country.

Alright going to get at it ,Hope you all are having a good weekend..

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  1. Hi you! I just found that you are a new follower to my blog! Welcome to the party!

    I hate spiders too! I have hubby come and take care of any crawlies that enter our home.