Saturday, 11 June 2011

Why can't I comment??

Ok everyone I give in ,I need help- I can't seem to comment on people's blogs..

I write my comment in the box-press google account for user profile-it takes me back to my sign in, fill that out and then For some reason keep on having to log in again after the verification words..AHHH!-ok keep calm,

Also having trouble putting my ticker thingo on my blog-I told you I was green at this!

Is it something to do with my settings?

I will endeavour to put more photos on as well-although as some of you can relate-not too many around -hate,hate hate having my photo taken, but surely there are some about.

All else fine, going to visit some friends who do know about the band this afternoon-only 3 more days of fluids, scale not moving but neither am I much so understandable.

Very excited about my 12 followers-have been checking out all your blogs-I think hubby thinks I am constantly on the laptop-but just making the most of it before I go back to work.

Have a great Sunday....


  1. Hi there - new follower - found you via Cat. The comments thing has just happened in the last few weeks. If you untick the box "stay signed in" when you log in, you should be able to comme
    nt. I gave up on the ticker - couldn't make it work either. I'm looking forward to reading your blog from the beginning, and following your journey.

  2. Hiya! I am new too. I agree with the last poster...apparently it works. I can finally post comments again!

  3. Yep, you have to sign out of blogger, then when you put your user id and password in, uncheck the box that says "Stay Signed In" (or whatever the verbage is) and you'll be able to comment. It's weird, but it only started happening about 2 weeks ago.

    As for the ticker I have no clue as I don't use them.

  4. Hi Dani, your newest follower here! :)

    If you go into your dashboard and click "Design" and then "Add a Gadget" (wherever you want it, if you click a link for "Add a Gadget" at the bottom, you can drag it anywhere on your layout that you want, it's super easy) you can just copy and paste the HTML from whatever site you use. Sorry if that was confusing.

    Kiwigirl already told you about the commenting.. So, I'm going to catch up on your blog and can't wait to get to know you and follow your journey!

  5. Thanks everyone for all the good tips-I just commented on your blog Ronnie and its all good.